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Craft Island

Size : 116M
Version: 1.13.2
Updated: Jun 3, 2022
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Version: 1.13.2
Updated: Jun 7, 2022

—— Editor's Review (Referrer) ——

Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

Officially released in 2021, Craft Island is an indie action video game developed by French game developer HOMA Game. In the sandbox game, the player is a victim who falls on a desert island where no other human can be found and will have to struggle and battle nature to survive. The island has full of trees on it. Chop down the trees and collect the logs, use logs to craft buildings, trade wood for coins, and spend coins to expand the island. Trees are unlimited and will re-grow after you chop them down. Different trees have different rewards. There are blue leaf trees that produce more woods and golden trees which always come with a gold chest.


Players will have a realistic experience of surviving the wild and cruel environment. Start with just an ax, discover the unknown areas of the island, craft weapons and traps to defend against horrifying beasts (and even zombies), collect woods to build construction and expand your island to unlock more surprises. Fishing, farming, hunting, crafting, and cultivating, you will be like Robinson Crusoe in the classic novel but with way more modes to choose from, and it means loads of fun. Once you complete one island, just build a port, and explore another new island so the adventure is uninterrupted in this game. It’s also a sense of peace to live with nature and enjoy a world you have all the freedom to shape it to be what you like. Trees, the ocean, and small animals can be so healing when you play the game. The graphic design is lovely, simple yet relaxing, and details are fully considered. You can see weather changes and even fish swimming in the ocean clearly.


It’s also easy to start to follow up. No complicated tutorials that you must go through in the game. Rules and feedback are also intuitive. 

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9 March, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Craft Island is a free mobile game published by HOMA GAMES. It supports iPhone and Android systems. In the game, the player needs to play a lumberjack. The player's task is to expand and upgrade an island. Therefore, players must cut down trees and exchange the logs for coins. Then use coins to unlock parts of the land.


The advantage of Craft Island is that it is easy to pick up, even for players who are not particularly familiar with this type of game. In the first few minutes of the game, there is a rather helpful tutorial sequence. During the tutorial, the player will learn various basics such as how the controls of the game operate and how the player should build things.


The game of Craft Island has two worlds to explore and upgrade. There are more and more trees with each upgrade. The start of Craft Island will equip the player with a normal axe. However, players can cut down more trees by unlocking props. For example, a large axe allows you to cut down more trees. The golden axe can provide infinite damage to the player, allowing the player to knock down all trees with one click. Additionally, there will be a pot of gold coins that will give players extra coins. But the way to unlock items either requires players to watch ads or in-app purchases.


Overall, Craft Island is a great little indie game. It's simple and the levels are easy to complete. Since it's an indie game on the market today, there are ads, lots of ads, but can be bypassed by buying it for $0.99 or just using airplane mode. While the game is easy to win, it's easy to get maximum upgrades for all the player's shops, tools, and houses, and unlock every piece of the island. But players can see that the game is very new, and it will get better, possibly adding new character customizations or character upgrades. Craft Island supports free download and play. Download it now and try it out.

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26 March, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

Craft Island is a great little indie mobile-based game that we highly recommend if you're looking to find a fun gaming experience around crafting and building for your kids. It allows your child to unleash their creativity.


The main feature of Craft Island is that the game has different types of worlds that kids can unlock and explore as they progress through the game, and as kids expect, they can build on these worlds. Each individual world has its own unique theme, and there are multiple worlds that kids can unlock and explore. Additionally, Craft Island gameplay revolves around crafting as much as possible on your own island. Children need to revolve around gathering resources from their land, mostly wood. The kids then use these resources to make whatever they want. As the game progresses, kids will be able to expand their land and build more things on it, and the best part of all this is that the game gives your kids total freedom to craft, play, and build.


Craft Island is great visually. Its graphics are simple but also quite attractive. Kids will love it a lot. Because Craft Island has some detailed game worlds, it looks clean and attractive. The in-game animation pages are very smooth, and the user interface itself has a sleek design with a vibrant color scheme. Parents can rest assured that your child will not be confused by what is happening right in front of them.


All in all, Craft Island is an excellent mobile-based building game where your kids can craft and build as they please in a variety of different worlds. This will be very helpful for children to learn to build knowledge and cultivate patience in their happiness. Also, Craft Island is free to download and play, but the game does have its share of microtransactions. Kids can earn bonuses like extra resources through these microtransactions. This is something parents need to be aware of.


Don't hesitate, download it now for your kids.

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2 March, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

Craft Island is just like a touch of the open world genre, where you're given a huge island to explore and craft. The game features an easy-to-learn crafting system and lets players design their own blocks without any limitations. These blocks can then be used for building, trading off material for other blocks, or even to send off into the void in search of materials. There are no levels nor progression systems in this game — it’s up to each player how they want their experience to go.


A video game that lays its foundation on building, crafting and exploration, Craft Island is sure to spark your curiosity. Try things out on your own or start a multiplayer session with friends; you’ll never run out of things to do. It’s easy planting and crafting model. Tons of blocks for you to craft or trade for based on the type of material you've collected. Creative mode, where you can build without any rules or limits. You will be safe from attacks and invasions from others in creative mode. No restrictions on where you can build or how you want to craft your blocks. You can even trade with others for materials. No cumbersome systems to slow you down; simply collect materials, craft blocks, and build to your heart's content.


Craft Island takes place on a huge, unexplored island where plant life of the world has been brought together. With 10 different zones, each with a different theme and set of flora, there’s lots of variety in your adventure as you try to unearth all that the island has to offer. The world of Craft Island is an overgrown forest in need of a little care and attention. So, you set out to build up the island, clearing away trees, vines, and other foliage that could give off negative effects to the world’s flora. By creating pathways and pathways through plant life, you can easily access the rest of the land and find your materials. Once planted, these seeds will bloom over time and provide materials as well as food for you.

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21 February, 2022


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