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Updated: Nov 23, 2022
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Updated: 24 Nov 2022

—— Editor's Review (Referrer) ——

Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

A casual match-three puzzle game named Lily's Garden launched in 2018. This game was created by the Danish company Tactile Games. Players can upgrade Lily's new property by completing match-three levels. After completing the next match-three level, the serialized story can be seen. There's more to it than a matching and decorating game; it's an exciting story that sets it apart! Lily's great-aunt Mary passed away recently, and now it's up to Lily to fix up her property in 30 days to inherit it outright. Assist Lily in renovating her great-aunt's garden and rediscovering her roots. Experience Lily's interaction with a wide array of colorful characters as she explores a tale full of twists and turns. Keep her rake of an ex-boyfriend Blaine off her turf by starting a romance with Lily's handsome neighbor Luke. Enhance the areas with dozens of customization options and boost them with themed boosters! Discover hidden areas in this heart-warming romantic puzzle game!


Furthermore, you will want to use stars in order to achieve your design goals. You can do that by playing a variety of matching games in Lily's Garden, of which there are hundreds. There are some challenging ones, but luckily, you can earn rewards throughout the game (like boosters) which will help you progress! Find out about hidden secrets and mysteries along the way while you enjoy the plot twists in the story! As you already know, in order to clear them, you must match a minimum of two or more tiles of the same color. No matter what the goal, you need to start by looking at a stack of tiles next to each other of the same color, and then evaluate whether they meet any part of the goal. You can use them to accomplish any goal you have too, if you create power pieces. A power-up is an item you can use to accelerate your progress in the game. As a result of the limited number of moves you have, it will be challenging to complete all objectives. That is where power pieces can come in handy. For each level you complete, you receive coins, so utilize them carefully. Beautiful graphics and a captivating story make Lily's Garden an excellent puzzle game. By choosing decorations for your garden and mansion, you can feel like you're living in the house of your dreams.


Aside from being a fun and beautifully designed game, Lily's Garden is also a wonderful way to de-stress. Enjoy the calming atmosphere of landscaping and yard decorating and take a break from your stressful activities. You will enjoy both restoring your old garden and working side-by-side with Lily and her many friends, both human and animal. There are special events every day, so stop by and participate! You can also enter tournaments to win even more. Playing with others and exchanging lives and game boosters is fun when you're part of a family! As the game develops, they keep adding more blast puzzles and more romantic chapters to Lily's Garden!

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21 February, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Lily's Garden is a three-in-one puzzle game featuring a young accountant named Lily, who discovers that her grandmother left her a legacy, an estate adjoining a large garden. Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while, the girl decides to live in her new property and exercise on the farm. Lily was only 30 days old under the terms of her will to restore the garden. Otherwise, Lily will not see any inheritance. Now the heroine faces a daunting task of restoring the garden, which Lily also has to complement by interacting with other people.


Players need to perform tasks in Lily's diary. Players have a total of 30 game days. Each mission consumes a certain number of stars, and stars are earned by completing puzzle levels. The further you play, the harder the puzzles become. Players can take control of Lily's life on her grandmother's estate, solving the task of laying out the garden and communicating with her other characters, all while successfully completing levels and collecting stars.


The main task of the player is to create a beautiful garden, in the process the player will help Lily. When choosing the design of the flower bed, garden path and the flower itself, the player will be given three design options and the player will choose the appropriate one.


Every level in the game is a puzzle. Solve it and the player will move on to the next one. In the puzzles, you need to complete tasks, which are essentially to collect certain items. The missions of the levels are different. The higher the level, the harder the task. The player can use all or more of the amps in the arsenal, the necessary amps are marked in the window before starting the level. Players need to remember that the number of moves per level is limited. The remaining moves are displayed on the right side of the screen, above the items you need to collect. The role of the foreign body is to prevent the player from moving the tiles and build the necessary combinations accordingly. Foreign objects like dandelions disappear from the field when players use bombs and rocket amplifiers or make combinations of tiles of the same color next to them. After successfully completing the mission, you can get story clearance stars and gold coins. If it fails, the player can either complete the level again by clicking "surrender” or buy another 5 moves with a certain number of coins and try to win.


Lily's Garden is a good game. It has an interesting plot. It's not just a "three in a row" puzzle, but a true story unfolding before your eyes. What will happen next, you don't know. The game itself can be compared to the series, with the action happening right before your eyes. Also, the game has beautiful puzzles. All the puzzles are different and beautifully drawn with interesting details. So, Lily's Garden is a match-3 game worth downloading.

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18 February, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

Lily's Garden is a match-3 puzzle game released by Tactile Games on April 2, 2019. Although a simple puzzle game, its real appeal lies in the complex layers formed by colorful blocks. Also, the protagonist of this game is a girl named Lily. The game is premised on her story, so it is suitable for girls and will be more empathetic.


The premise of Lily's Garden is that Lily is going through a tough time. She finds out that her useless, cunning boyfriend Brian is cheating on her, and she also inherits a huge fortune from her aunt Mary. Once there, she found a mess in the garden, and only if the place was cleaned up within a month would she be able to keep the estate. Lily's ex-boyfriend Blaine is awful, but the other characters have their secrets and quirks. They also don't always get along, and the reason isn't necessarily anyone's fault. Lily needs to spend some time mediating between people, and while none of them have bad or even unpleasant moments, they're just a little bit at odds. This is a tough challenge. But luckily, Lily's neighbors are friendly, and she'll soon be building a small community. Her neighbor Luke stepped in to fix the gazebo; her new friend Regina came to help with carpentry and related work. Almost all interactions take the form of gardening.


Players solve a level, earning a star. Players can then spend stars on Lily's task list to perform tasks, one star can weed flower beds, but some larger chores are two- or three-star tasks. Every time the player completes a task on the task list, the player is given stories about the people Lily met, how they helped her, what they said to her while she was working. This will be very interesting for players who like episodic games.


From an experience rhythm point of view, Lily's Garden is very well structured. Players can weigh in in strict order, play a level or two, and immediately spend their stars on narrative passages. Or you can play a whole bunch of levels, collect stars, and spend them all on a massive story. It also helps that the gameplay is excellent.


Lily's Garden is a free-to-play game that often invites players to spend money to buy power-ups and extra lives. But it's fun to play even if the player doesn't spend any money. At first, it looked like a simple matching game but quickly turned into a rather complex puzzle game. Lily's Garden isn't about players being perfect enough to do everything and keep everyone happy all the time. It's about being someone who sometimes fails at something, or sometimes has a really bad day, but the player sees that their abilities, hard work, and friendship are enough to keep things going most of the time. So, it's worth trying out for every growing girl.

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14 February, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

Lily’s Garden is a highly addictive, match-3 blast game where you renovate Lily’s great-aunt’s garden to its former glory. Complete challenging puzzles by matching flowers, restoring the garden areas, playing with themed boosters, and much more! This is a really simple and pleasant game that will allow you to interact with the garden while also allowing you to walk about freely without being restricted by the form of a smartphone or tablet.


The goal of Lily’s Garden is to restore Lily’s great-aunt’s garden to its former glory by matching flowers as you complete challenging puzzle levels. In each level, you can restore one of the 4 areas in the garden - Flowers, Watering Can, Flower Pot & Hedge - by collecting clusters of flowers. You collect clusters of flowers by completing match-3 chains in the color grid. As you complete 3, 4 or 5 clusters in a row to achieve a full row of flowers, you earn a number of bonus gems. The more flowers you collect in one single match-3 chain, the more bonus gems you earn!


 As a player, you can use your roses to earn bonus points and play special boosters such as the Lollipop - which will double your multiplier for 1 match-3 chain. The Lollipop is great if two pieces form a line and if the first piece is made up of 2 flowers. You can boost your score even further by playing with Lily’s boosters such as her Lucky Flowers which doubles your score at the start of each level. Play 100 levels of Lily’s Garden to unlock the game’s 3 chapters and 4 huge levels. In the 4th level, you can unlock a romantic love story about Lily and her love interest - the gardener! Additionally, you can use special stickers to decorate your garden with special effects such as a supercharged boost when two roses match so you may earn precious gems even faster! Let’s play.

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2 March, 2022


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