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Hello Neighbor

Size : 61M
Version: 1.0
Updated: Jun 19, 2022
Size : 1.7 GB
Version: 2.3.3
Updated: Jun 17, 2022

—— Editor's Review (Referrer) ——

Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

Do you want to play a fantastic and exciting game? Hello Neighbor would be a good choice for you. It is a stealth horror game. In this game, you need to sneak into your mysterious neighbor’s house in order to find horrible secrets in his basement. This amazing game could offer you an exciting experience and meet your curiosity. When you explore your neighbor’s house, you need to play against an advanced AI that can imitate you from your every move. What’s more, you need to be careful when choosing your next way. For example, if you plan to climb through the backyard window or sneak through the front door, maybe a bear trap or cameras would catch you. Still worse, your neighbor will find a shortcut and catch you when he notices your actions. In an atmosphere of mystery and a sense of excitement, you will enjoy this game and have fun in the process of the adventure.


Aside from being an exciting adventure game, Hello Neighbor is also a brilliantly designed puzzle game. Firstly, these scenes and roles in this game are vivid and the color combination is perfect that can create a soft, nervous or exciting atmosphere. Therefore, Hello Neighbor can offer you an excellent experience and a joyful environment. Secondly, these well-designed plots and stage sets will inspire your imagination and intelligence. When you find horrible secrets in this house, you need to figure out your next way and make sure it's secure and rational. Thirdly, the horror element in this game can meet many thrill-seekers. As we know, many thrill-seekers tend to play horror games or movies to release their pressure, and many girls also like this kind of entertainment for fun. And the degree of terror in Hello Neighbor is suitable for girls because it won’t be too scary or bloody. Many girls can meet their curiosity for horror and have fun.

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4 March, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game published by tinyBuild. Players need to focus on breaking into the suspicious neighbor's house and get the locked basement and the secrets inside. The player will live across the road from a hermit who seems to be doing something weird. The game's protagonist's curiosity leads the player to infiltrate a neighbor's house and enter his locked basement. This is by no means an easy thing, and players must face a lot of challenges.


The game requires the player to explore the neighbor's house and solve puzzles within its walls to unlock the basement door, and the player avoids getting caught. It is not difficult for the player to dodge and escape from the neighbors, the player can sneak under the bed or in the closet or break the window to distract him. The player will have enough time for him to spot you and run away to react, as well as stop his capture by throwing objects at him.


It's not an easy task for players to complete each activity, but once done, the game improves slightly. The game will have more room to explore and create distance between you and your neighbors, but the game will give the player more time to think about the new situations they face. Games require players to keep trying to know if what they are doing makes sense. But the process will be very interesting.


Overall, the game is excellent, and its visuals are part of the power the game gives it. It has a pleasing cartoon art style, and its interaction with ambient lighting is the highlight of the game. The game is further supplemented by a flashback scene that takes players deep into the backstory of their neighbors. If players like this kind of thrilling stealth game. Please don't 

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4 March, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

Hello Neighbor is a stealth survival game. Many kids will love this type of game. In the game, children play a role that has just moved into the community. In the game, because the children's neighbor lives with a strange person, the curiosity of the protagonist of the story forces the children to sneak into the neighbor's house and enter his locked basement.


In the game, the main problem for the children is that because the neighbor's house is so small, it is difficult for the children to sneak into his room without attracting his attention. So, this is the time to test the children. Also, there are many missing puzzles in the game, which can be a difficult start for your kids. And once your neighbor catches the kids, it's game over.


The puzzles in Hello Neighbor can be illogical. In Acts 2 and 3 there are layers of puzzles that are completely disorganized, and children may not be clear about what needs to be done to accomplish the behavior. But as children try and fail many times, they learn what makes sense for the game. This requires patience from the children.


Overall, Hello Neighbor is a difficult stealth horror game. But it has a delightfully striking cartoon art style and often inventive installations built around its core mystery. There is a real sense of imagination and style in the game. Children will love it very much. But it is also a game that requires children to persevere, and victory may require more luck. If kids are struggling to win at the game, they can turn to YouTube for walkthroughs. This is a game that teaches children to overcome difficulties. I recommend parents download it for their kids. It supports players to download in Google Play and App Store.

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3 February, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game set in a deserted suburban neighborhood. The player has 24 hours to complete the objective of sneaking into your neighbor's house and killing them. It's an intense, challenging experience that will make you feel more paranoid than ever before.


The most exciting gameplay feature is its procedurally generated map which changes every time you start a new game. On your first play-through, you'll start in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. The trees and houses on the map change with every new game you play. You never know where you'll find yourself, but random variations of the same map are guaranteed to give you a fresh experience every time. Hello Neighbor is designed to put pressure on the player in a way that they have never experienced before. Hello Neighbor emphasizes exploration and discovery over traditional gameplay tropes like hidden items or enemies lurking around every corner.


What makes Hello Neighbor so terrifying is that the goal of the player is to break into his or her neighbor's house. This neighbor has spent the last few years building an elaborate maze that encompasses every room in their home, filled with traps and security systems that you will have to avoid. This creates a feeling of panic for the player as they struggle to stay on track and complete their objective. Every noise you make has a chance of alerting your neighbor or one of his many hidden security cameras, bringing intense challenges as you try to hide from them.


This game is an amazing example of what can happen when friends gather together and make something scary, unique, and fun. Hello Neighbor is a playable experience that will make you paranoid, uncomfortable, and ultimately feel unsafe. Try it and enjoy every moment of this game!!!

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15 March, 2022


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This is so fun check out brandon aka the frustrated gamer hello neighbor it's super fun also check out super neighbor it's cool whenever you download roblox use starcode TFG it really supports the channel

2024-01-08 22:18:04

It is one of the best games to play on your phone tablet ipad computer and Xbox so if you hate it your crazy.

2023-07-12 05:11:23

Its fun

2023-06-16 02:14:35
Ryu so fly    

I play this game on my nintado and it is fun and bad at the same time! But I like it

2023-04-06 07:46:55

I like the neighbor. he is cool 😎

2023-02-11 12:46:06

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