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Fill The Fridge

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Updated: Nov 25, 2022
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Updated: Nov 25, 2022

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Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

Do diligent girls prefer to have a good time while they're cooking? When you've finished buying at the grocery, the first thing you should do is prepare to stock your refrigerator with food. You'll be packed with a variety of stuff, including food, beverages, and other items from the refrigerator shelf, and you'll be trying to fit everything in. Empty your shopping baskets one at a time until you've found the ideal spot to organize and store your refrigerator. Besides being entertaining and having practical applications, this game can also be used to develop the life planning skills of young women who live alone. As you may be aware, refrigerator sorting is a difficult task, but our game makes it a lot more enjoyable.


There are real-life sorting games and puzzle games for you to play, as well as a fun kitchen crew to play with. Additionally, you will be able to earn delicious meals and additional things in the game, as well as a pleasurable replenishment experience. Come and stock the refrigerator with food! Looking at a well-organized and abundant refrigerator can also provide you with a great deal of happiness. This is one of the greatest organizational games out there, and after playing it, you'll want to restock, sort, and perfect your fridge game all over again. Not only is it important to note that sorting abilities are required for females, but it may also serve as motivation for sorting and storing tasks in your daily life. At the same time, you can take delight in the numerous delectable ingredients that will make your culinary experience even more enjoyable. Unlike other games, this simple and entertaining game will not stress you out and will instead help you relax. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and download Fill The Fridge right away!

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April 12, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Do you have OCD? Do you like to take it in? What do you do when you see that some objects are not arranged by color or Type? I'm asking because I have a game for you that I've been playing for a long time and I think is very interesting. The Fill The Fridge game was developed by ROLLIC Games.


This is a straightforward way to play a casual clearance game; the operation of filling the refrigerator game is effortless to master. You can click the screen to play this game; the gameplay of filling the refrigerator is very interesting. There are so many levels for players to challenge, and they are so hands-on that you have to fill your fridge with all sorts of stuff by tapping on the screen for a set amount of time. That's why I asked you in the beginning. Then, put different items in a box and put them all in the fridge. The interface design is gorgeous, the color elements of the screen are diverse, and the decompression looks very easy. Take advantage of all the space in the fridge, where everything can fit in, and challenge to the next level. There are a lot of snacks and ingredients to put in the refrigerator; put them in a reasonable, you can succeed. Fun casual puzzle game, each level will increase the difficulty of a point, which can be a good choice. Play mode is changeful. Each level with the last level is very different; play is more exciting. Fill The Fridge as a game of organizing, based on The routines of overseas families, reinvents The idea of stocking your fridge with lots of stuff by putting everything in The Bin, creating a real-world experience pack game. Each level requires you to open new items at a profit by placing neatly numbered boxes of fruit drinks and other items into storage.


As a puzzle type of mobile game, the core of the game will be included, combined with the refrigerator is widely known to accommodate the extension of the content. Based on single storage, adding different widths and heights of the storage box, customized for fruit, drinks, and other items corresponding to the size, increases storage difficulty and improves the game's fun. Help players get a better gaming experience. Yes, it looks like a simple game; to achieve the perfect Samsung clearance in the actual operation is still quite tricky. So, If you're a packrat, a puzzle gamer, and a fan of western-style mobile games, don't miss The Fill The Fridge! Just download it now!

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April 14, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

Fill The Fridge is a casual game published by Rollic Games for iOS and Android mobile devices. It's a game worth downloading and playing for kids who like to organize and manage things, or for parents who want to nurture these skills in your kids. Children meet their inner expectations by organizing the sight of the refrigerator through their preferences. This game also relieves stress for kids, and its gameplay is very simple. Children simply select the items in the shopping basket in the game, and then fill the refrigerator drawer according to their ideas or preferences.


The visual colors of the Fill The Fridge are very simple and atmospheric. The game is mainly composed of black, blue, white and brown. Children will love the content of the game as soon as they start playing. The graphics and sound of the game are well made and even stunning. The fluency of the game and the picture are also very clear and natural. Children will realize that the sound of each object in the game is not only different, but also very appealing to their ears and hearts.


In the game, kids will have a bunch of baskets full of produce, and they'll need to find a way to put them all into the refrigerator compartment. By experimenting, children will find a range of strategies to ensure their milk, energy drinks and cereals find their way.


First, children learn to check the meters on the left side of the screen. Because it will tell them how full the fridge is now and how close they are to going to the next level. As long as the kids get a star after completing the task, then they can move on to the next challenge. Second, kids make sure they know what they have. This requires them to take a moment to familiarize themselves with the items in the basket and look at the items in the refrigerator and drawer, and then think about how to arrange it in this game with no time limit. Children just need to think slowly instead of rushing to start placing. Third, carefully consider the shape of the item being placed when the child is ready to begin placing. Because objects are long and thin, tall and large. If there is room in the refrigerator, kids might consider stacking items together. This will fully exercise the children's ability to make good use of the space to arrange the items.


Fill The Fridge is arguably one of the coolest organizing games around. After downloading this game for your kids, they will love everything here. So, I highly recommend kids to try out this great little game.

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April 29, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

Fill The Fridge is an easy game to learn that can help you and your family establish healthy eating habits. It’s great because it doesn’t require any cooking or specialized knowledge, and can be played in a few minutes each day. Our everyday life day by day got busy, as a result, we don’t know organizing. This game is perfect on one hand to give you happiness and other hand increases your real-life ability.


Your mission is simple—fill up the fridge. But don’t forget to think about where things come from—how they were raised and how they were grown. Your thinking will guide you in filling only full-size items—like cans and bottles; not half-full or empty containers that could be refilled with food from another type of container. You can play this game at any time you choose; keep a cookie jar on the counter for those times when you just have a few minutes to warn yourself to be aware of what’s filling your kitchen and how it was raised or grown. You can even play this game by yourself and save the time needed to make dinner. And if your kids are old enough, it can be fun to have them play this game as well, because it helps them as they learn about food and help out in the home. The entire family can share in the fun of planning healthy meals and avoiding packaged foods you don’t need or want—and watch what fills your fridge!


This is a whole-family game about planning healthy meals—and filling your fridge with real foods you enjoy. It helps develop a mindset that will improve how the whole family eats—and reduces the need for junk food available everywhere else but at home. So you can start this game right away.

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April 16, 2022


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