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Updated: Nov 23, 2022
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Version: 0.255.2
Updated: Nov 28, 2022

—— Editor's Review (Referrer) ——

Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

Do you feel lonely in the real world? Do you want to have your own Pokémon? This game can take you into the magical world of Pokémon and experience the exciting life fighting with Pokemon. First of all, you need to catch a Pokémon around you, or you can raid a legendary Pokémon with your friends. In this Pokémon GO world, there are more than 500 Pokémon waiting for you to discover. They each have their own abilities and have different appearances. Second, you can fight with other Pokémon trainers to take over the gym for your team, which is an exciting and interesting fight. At the same time, you can also challenge your friends for fun. And you can create your own dreamy Pokémon team in the Pokémon GO world. The Pokémons in this game is very cute, you can interact with them and buddy up with your favorite Pokémon.


This game can dissolve your loneliness. When you feel lonely and bored in the real world, you can try to train your own Pokemon in this virtual game world, they can accompany and interact with you and bring you fun. You can also meet trainers like you in Pokémon GO, make friends with them, fight and upgrade together, and you can also challenge other trainers for excitement. This game can also stimulate your competitive awareness. You can develop strategic battles with your friends, or cultivate your own unique Pokémon team, and earn achievements by winning. Pokémon GO can also satisfy people who want pets. Especially for girls, they like cute pets and are happy to interact with them. This game has various monsters waiting for them. Enter this world full of challenges and fun! Smart and strong monsters are waiting for you to discover, let's fight together with them.

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20 February, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Pokemon Go is a game published by Niantic, Inc. on July 6, 2016. Playing Pokemon Go will still feel like a lot of fun, as it's the closest players will get to catching and training real Pokemon. Pokemon Go has augmented reality (AR) gameplay, but what sets it apart is the scale and scope of its cross-generational appeal. Suffice to say, the game is fun for novice players, and nostalgia for Pokemon fans.


In Pokemon Go, players first sign up for an account, then create a character by choosing customization options for gender, hair, skin color, and clothing. Once done, players can place the game character on your real community map, where you may encounter three traditional starter Pokemon: Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. The player can choose whichever they choose initially because the player will eventually get it. In the game, players need to catch Pokemon, but it's an easy task. Players simply activate their smartphone's camera to display the Pokemon in AR mode, with your surroundings in the background. When players get close to Pokemon, they appear on the map. Players simply approach the target and click on it to try to capture it. If the player catches a Pokemon, the player gets some experience points that allow you to level up. The game also offers players rewards like stardust and candies, which players need to level up and evolve their Pokemon.


Also, if a set of rings appears around the Pokemon, it indicates the difficulty of catching it. Green-ringed Pokémon are easy to catch, yellow is moderate, and red is hard to catch. Players can catch critters by swiping Pokeballs towards them or choosing to escape. Players may catch Pokemon if they line up the slides correctly. But on higher difficulties, the Pokemon the player sees can also fight back or run away.


Overall, seeing Pokemon in the real world is an exciting thing. Pokémon Go has turned the world into a Pokémon Zoo, and now every player with a smartphone has the potential to become the owner of a cute Pokemon. In the latest update, Pokemon Go added new Pokemon, added team battles, added a friend feature, and made raid battles easier for users. Suffice to say, being able to capture Pokemon in AR is a very interesting and engaging quest. Especially for true Pokemon fans, it would make more sense. I highly recommend players to download Pokemon Go.

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10 February, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

Pokémon Go is a game that blurs the lines between real and virtual. The game uses augmented reality to display all the player's favorite Pokémon characters on the player's screen, with the player's camera in the background, giving the player the feeling of a Pokémon standing in front of you. Pokémon Go was created by augmented reality specialist Niantic Inc. The core of the game is a location-based role-playing series of massively multiplayer games. Parents can rest assured when their kids are playing Pokémon Go. Because Pokémon Go offers parental controls. There will be a Niantic Kids dashboard in the game where parents can log in from their child's device and then have additional monitoring of their kids.


There is a tutorial at the beginning of the game, which will get the kids up to speed on how the game works. While Pokémon Go is an app that uses augmented reality, the game's battles are still a core mechanic of the Pokémon franchise, where kids battle wild Pokémon. Children must use their fingers to throw the Pokémon ball on the screen towards the Pokémon they want to catch. But sometimes pokeballs go where the kids want them to go, and sometimes they don't. There is a circle around the Pokémon the kids are trying to catch, and the longer they slowly put their thumbs on the Pokéball, the longer it will close; if the kids' Pokéball successfully falls within the circle, the kids are better off chance to catch your prey. Additionally, in Pokémon Go, kids can also evolve Pokémon using "candies" associated with their evolution lines.


The biggest advantage of Pokémon Go is that it gives your kids the feeling of being in the world of Pokémon. Because, suddenly, these cute little monsters are part of kids' everyday lives. Kids are like in the world of Pokémon. Also, kids can learn a lot about trainers based on their roster. Including their location, how much time they put into the game. This will make the children's gaming experience more real and meaningful.


I'm sure this must be one of the kids' favorite games. And games have kids having to go out and take risks in the real world to interact with the characters. But parents need to keep their children safe. Because so much about kids venturing into dangerous places just to catch elusive Pokémon. But overall, Pokémon Go is a game to get your kids out and about, and the augmented reality gameplay can be a lot of fun. If you're a parent, I highly recommend downloading this game for your kids.

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1 March, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

As a player, I just wanted to say that I enjoy this game. It's a great time killer and it's something fun to do outside. I also really loved how they updated the pokemon finding with some major improvements on distance and tracking them down easier. Another thing that would be nice is if they featured more "real life" Pokémon battles rather than simply gyms, but perhaps another entirely separate game release would be excellent as well!


You can catch Pokémon in ten-minute intervals from your couch or while commuting to work. But the trading and battling, that's the best part. I wish they have Pokémon battle looks realistic. The new update makes it easier to see what Pokémon are around you and also how close they are (within range). Another thing is that they finally added a battery saver in case you forget to shut off your phone.


Besides that, I love the graphics of the game and wish the Pokémon battles were more like the actual games. This game has a lot of potentially very good graphics, but poor development. They need to implement real battles with friends and trade Pokémon like any other game if not better than them. The gym idea is good but the battles are not realistic. If they focus on this more and add a little too much it will be one of the best games, though it's already the best one.


This game is pretty fun to play but when I haven't been playing for a while and I get back into the app, it always says that I'm in the wrong location. So, then I have to go out looking for Pokémon again, which isn't as fun since they aren't as frequent to find as they were before. Overall you love it!!

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12 February, 2022


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Soooooooo good😍😍😘

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It’s a fun game

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I love Pokemon

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I love it so much 😘😘

2023-02-05 01:22:46

I think you should catch more than 1When you start The game.

2023-01-22 08:57:05