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Redecor - Home Design Makeover

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Version: 2.52.1
Updated: Dec 1, 2022
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Version: 2.52.1
Updated: Nov 27, 2022

—— Editor's Review (Referrer) ——

Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

Are you sensitive to color combinations? What do you like about the color scheme? What style would you want if you were given a premise home? It's okay if you don't have an idea for a while, but the game I'm going to introduce you to can give you some inspiration. The game is called Redecor-Home Design Game and was developed by Reworks Ltd.


Redecor is a simulated decoration theme for Creative Leisure Free Hand Tour. Players in the game will play a decoration designer, play their creativity in the production of exquisite design lifelike space. The different colors, styles of color, and collocation patterns present the astonishing design effect; the higher reduction lets me once think that this is a decoration auxiliary software. The community features included in the game allow you to vote on the design and share your thoughts. This is a complete look like a decoration assistance software well-made color theme simulation experience freehand tour. Unlike the usual coloring game, this well-made game will decorate and fill the perfect combination together. Each level is a vacancy waiting for the decoration room; the home is complete and complete, but the color is straightforward. Players to do is to set the house with a suitable color and texture, create their design concept, presents a distinctive personalized design style. The game also uses the method of the coloring game; each piece of furniture in the level can choose a lot of different colors and textures. The player only has to select the designated position in the game to provide a variety of choices. Find the one that suits you best. All the materials in the game cost gold coins to buy, and when the players match the design of the level, they will receive comments from other users in the community. A higher score will allow the players to earn more gold coins after the renovation process to buy a more colorful variety of materials. The game screen is exquisite excellent; the game of every detail is superb lifelike, whether it is the bathroom mirror or washbasin, even all kinds of cabinets also let players see physical photos. In addition to beautiful natural props, the game lighting effect is also very realistic, and you can see to create real-world scenes, developers pay a great deal of effort into the game screen.

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3 April, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Redcor - Home Design Makeover is a casual design game from Reworks Ltd, where players can start new creative hobbies and play with home decorating styles. Through games, Redecor allows players to express your creativity and improve your design skills. Here, players will have fun while being inspired by a vibrant creative community, and even help players apply your new ideas to real life. If you are a gamer who loves home decor, you will love Redcor.


Redcor - Home Design Makeover is one of the go-to apps for home designers budding. Its game features daily design challenges that allow you to design realistic spaces in a variety of design styles. It helps players express themselves with an incredible variety of high-end options, and you can customize your decor from the most classic to the most stylish. Redecor offers unique 3D design possibilities, choosing from over a thousand premium options, allowing players to fully express their style. Here, in addition to entertainment and relaxation, players can learn about different interior design styles, express your creativity, and improve your design skills. Also, vote on designs and become part of the Redcor community.


In Redcor - Home Design Makeover, players have gold and cash to use to decorate the decorations you want to use for the challenge. Typically, if it's not a design PK, players will play against about 10 other designs. Players can earn money from every design launched, but if the player wins the challenge, the player will be rewarded with gold coins that allow the player to buy better designs. Also, another way for players to make money is to rate other players' designs by voting for the best designs. The game's gold and gold are hard to come by, but if the player's design attracts critics, it can be achieved.


I highly recommend the game Redcor - Home Design Makeover. It takes the tried-and-true gameplay that the genre has long been known for to create a fun, enjoyable experience and enough to keep anyone hooked. You and your family will enjoy spending time together. Friends who like this kind of games quickly download Redcor - Home Design Makeover to play.

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29 March, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from US )

Redcor - Home Design Makeover is a casual design game released by Reworks Ltd on June 20, 2019. Players will enter the game as a designer to carry out interior decoration work. According to the original design style and regulations of the house, the design scheme, Come up with the best-looking house interior floor plans.


This is a home design game that players can use as a starting point to improve their interior design skills. In Redor - Home Design Makeover, there are 2-3 interior design challenges every day for players to complete within 24 hours. For these challenges, players usually need to follow some small requirements, such as including stone tables, floral rugs, etc. Additionally, players will be challenged with a design duel with another player to see if you can create a better design than them.


A lot of players will love this game because many design games have a similar graphic style, a bit cartoony, so it might be a good fit for your kids. Redecor also has more realistic graphics, this cartoony and realistic feel will make children more engaged in the game. Since the game has a competitive element, it also helps to satisfy a child's competitive nature through light challenges. Kids can play for as long as possible without spending on in-app purchases to get ahead of the rest. Your child must spend in-game cash on decorations, although it's hard to use them up. As a parent, you can see that this game has a low maintenance cost for kids' time as the challenge is only 5 minutes. This allows children to relax and be happy without letting them indulge and waste time. So, to a certain extent, the challenge of the game is enough to satisfy the child without worrying the parents too much, and at the same time, you and your child can enjoy this meaningful joy together.


I highly recommend parents to download this fun game for your kids to exercise their creativity and understand home design. Redecor is safe for your kids to play, but parents want to make sure there are in-app purchase restrictions on your kids' devices. Avoid unnecessary extra expenses.

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3 April, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

Do you like making home decorations? Do you like improving your design skills? Do you want to play a creative and fun game that will expand your imagination and give you inspiration for decoration in your own room? Do You want to learn from a diverse community of people who share the same passion as you do, or maybe even share Your ideas with other players to get their feedback and help them improve their designs? Then Redecor is just for You!


Welcome to the home design game where You can explore infinite possibilities of decorating. There are no rules or restrictions here - let Yourself go wild. Be inspired by talented people all over the world who share their ideas with You online. It is a Unique Online Community for People Who Love Home Decorating and Designing. Redecor is a game, not a tool for designing. To use it as a design system, you need to find 3D design software, and understand how it works. Redecor is not an online design community where people discuss designs they have made on the site but offers an open forum where designers can post ideas that other designers can then use as inspiration to improve their own designs. Each player is free to add their own unique touch and make their personal interpretation of each design.


If there's anything I could change in this game, it would be the design tools that are available. I hate to play with messy and unorganized tools: the default screen is too cluttered for me. The only thing I like about it is that it can be customized so you can look at your own projects and no other players. If a player has a large "resume" or lots of project files, it might be hard to find what you need. So, let’s start building, creating, cooperating, and having fun!

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19 March, 2022


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