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Covet Fashion - Dress Up Game

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Updated: Nov 18, 2022
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Updated: Nov 21, 2022

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Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

Congratulations on discovering a fashion and dress-up game! In Covet Fashion, you are an excellent fashion designer, you can choose your favorite clothing brands while shopping and build your digital dream wardrobe. And, you can get various prizes in the game to improve and enlarge your wardrobe and gain fashion recognition from others. The fashion brands in Covet Fashion come from the real world, and you can enjoy them all in the game. Covet Fashion also provides hundreds of unique hairstyles and makeup for you to choose from, and dress up the virtual model according to your preferences. The game is also full of interactivity. In other words, you can challenge different styles of dress-up, show it to other fashion lovers in the game world and win exclusive game prizes by high votes.


You may feel that virtual things are always out of reach and cannot be used. Although this game is a virtual one, the famous brands in it all come from real life. Such a rich brand will definitely bring you an excellent fashion experience and enhance your aesthetic level. In addition, this game not only focuses on clothing but also on accessories, hair and makeup, which will enhance your fashion taste from head to toe. And, you can go for a variety of styling challenges, such as creating events like photo shoots, cocktails and red carpet fittings. In addition, you can find fashion friends who share your interests in the game world, discuss the aesthetics of clothing brands, and exchange all fashion things. Another point, you can even buy game items in real life, become your own model, try these fashion items and pay for your own creative inspiration. If you love fashion, join this beauty game now! Let’s join this beautiful game now!

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22 March, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Covet Fashion: Model Makeover is a shopping and dress-up game published by Crowdstar Inc. This is where players can shop and find their favorite clothing and brands, then build their own dream wardrobe. This is a virtual game that is very popular among female players. In this game, the player's task is to dress up beautiful models. Players must dress appropriately for models and meet exam requirements. After the exam is complete, someone else will vote on whether what the player is doing is meeting the design standards of the fashion industry. If the player achieves 4 or more points, they will receive clothing prizes and money. This money can be reused to buy clothes or equipment. Also, players need to increase the value of their closet by purchasing clothing and equipment, which will help players progress better in the game.


In the game, in addition to the test of dressing up the model, there is also the test of purchasing goods. This requires players to balance the use of their funds. Because players have a limited budget, players need to think carefully about how they can use their money to buy things for greater value without sacrificing the overall look that appears on the model. Of course, players can also top up real money and you will have a lot of in-game money to buy what you want, it will be easy.


Covet Fashion: Model Makeover is a free-to-download game, but players can choose to purchase in-app items for real money. Overall, the game is well made. Games are fun and useful for people who love fashion, shopping and dressing trends. Not only help players learn to dress up, but also let players learn to allocate budget so as not to exceed the set budget. More importantly, it brings fun to players and helps players decompress. Download it now. It will not disappoint players.

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3 March, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

Covet Fashion: Model Makeover is a wonderful game that showcases fashion. Fun for kids who love fashion, shopping and dressing trends. This is a dress-up game for kids ages 12 and up. Here, kids will be able to organize their own style wardrobes, then, help their models choose outfits and accessories, make-up, style hair, and complete poses, where they can create a bespoke overall look. Covet Fashion offers variations of virtual models that kids use to showcase their styled looks. When the game first launches, your kids can choose the model's fat and thin, and can choose the model's race. The game models are all very realistic in size. Plus, kids can join or create their own fashion house to chat and share styling tips with other fashionistas.


Covet Fashion: Model Makeover is fun and safe for kids to play with styling. But there are tons of in-app purchases, ads, and links to buy clothing and accessories in the game. To level up or take part in styling challenges, kids may need to spend money on the app. This is something that parents need to pay attention to. But parents can password-protect their kids' ability to make in-app purchases using the Covet Fashion app, or set a budget for clothing purchases within the app. Second, the Covet Fashion app supports chatting with strangers, and while this is a feature that should be monitored, parents also need to know who their kids are communicating with.


During the game, children need to purchase the necessary clothing and equipment for each challenge. At the start of the game, kids have only $5,000 available, so kids need to plan carefully how to use it. Here children will learn how to balance the use of their own money to get the most value for money. The caveat is that children's clothing can be reused many times and cannot be resold after purchase, so make sure every option your child buys. Great prizes will be awarded to children when they win the challenge. All purchases by children will be added to their total wardrobe value. This total score is important for kids because increasing it opens more options for the model's other outfits.


Overall, Covet Fashion is a game that inspires kids' creativity and fashion sense. Kids aspiring to be fashionistas will love creating with the Covet Fashion app. Where kids can mix and match to come up with their own fashion trends. So, parents with children over 12 do not hesitate. Download it now. Currently, it can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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3 March, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

Outside there is plenty of dress-up game you will find, but which one do you need to play, and which one will be the best game and suitable for you? It’s really hard for everyone to try all and found out which one will be good. Don’t worry. Because of this here, I am today. Today I will be going to introduce the new game “Covet Fashion”. If you are a fan who likes dressing up new stuff every day then this game will be perfect for you. This "Covet Fashion" is totally free dress-up game. Inside this game, there are beautiful dresses, lots of handbags, and a variety of colors of shoes await you in this dress-up paradise. From day to night looks to glamorous red-carpet gowns – we have it all! You can customize your character with different hairstyles, skin tones, and much more. All items are able to unlock in-game as long as you start the game, so there’s no need to spend money on “coins” or other in-app purchases.


So, what are the Dress Up Game Features are? During play, you will be able to select beautiful dresses to choose from. The most exciting part is that all the dresses are different. Like- you can able to choose a dress from a different country. While I play, I choose “Shari”. This is an Indian or Bangladeshi costume. So lovely I still can’t forget the colors and accessories on it. Not only that but also different dress too. Where handbags, shoes, and accessories are included. Able to customized appearances and hairstyles. There are Gorgeous HD graphics. Important is Free to play, no in-app purchases. So, forget to buy diamonds or any other premium currency. No internet connection is required for gameplay. No time limits. No signups are required for this game. Educational content from Top Apps Around the World. Languages: English, Korean and Japanese. Please follow all rules during play and enjoy!

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15 March, 2022


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