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Updated: Aug 31, 2022
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Updated: Jul 16, 2019

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Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

Are you dreaming of having your own donut shop? Papa’s Donuteria To Go can fulfill your fantasy. Released in 2019, Papa’s Donuteria To Go is one of the To Go game series published by Flipline Studios. You are going to make tasty donuts for your hungry customers at Papa’s Donuteria in Powder Point. Satisfy your customers with various types of dough, icing, fillings and toppings. Make the donuts through three easy steps: flattening and cutting the doughs at the dough station, frying them until they are golden at the frying station (the timer and flip meter will help you!), and finally, adding fillings, icing and toppings at the build station. Your customers will evaluate the doughnuts and give tips accordingly. Like Papa’s Scooperia, your customers will order more donuts as they level up, so be prepared!


There are more surprises to discover in Papa’s Donuteria To Go! Your customers will surprise you and give you their special recipes if they are satisfied. You can include these special recipes into your Daily Special. Work hard on these specials because each of them has a bonus! Don’t forget that there is a holiday celebrated in Powder Point each month, and it’s your opportunity to unlock holiday ingredients. If you have played the previous To Go series and are looking for new faces, Mr. Bombolony will come and order your donuts, so say hello to him when you see him.


If you are tired of playing as Tony and Scooter, there is an opportunity to create your own workers. You are able to select workers’ gender, name, eyes, hairstyles, skin color, and much more. This feature actually makes this game more than just serving customers. You will enjoy designing your own characters, making them be like yourself, your partner, teacher, boss or idol. Papa’s Donuteria To Go is a good way to spend your leisure time if you enjoy mini simulation mobile games with delightful music.

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23 February, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Papa's Donuteria To Go! is the tenth game in the Papa's restaurant management series. It was first announced by Flipline Studios on April 16, 2014.


Papa's Donuteria To Go! has a tutorial that will teach players the process of the game, so the toy can more easily learn how to make donuts and other features of the game. Even beginners will learn it within the first few minutes. Players customize your own character. Players can change the dress and appearance of their characters to make customers more decent.


In Papa's Donuteria To Go, players are required to work for employee benefits in a theme park built within the store, but when the ride fails, players are still stuck behind a fryer, tossing dough and icing into some real Strict customer specifications. When customers come in, it's up to the player alone to take their order, make it into a doughnut, and deliver it before they get impatient. Each order usually consists of multiple doughnuts, each with its own toppings and decorations. Players will choose the type of dough, then fry each one to golden perfection at the frying station. At the build station, players need to use the appropriate glaze, icing, and other sugary gear before players can deliver your order to the appropriate customer. Player tipping depends on your overall speed and accuracy. Players can then spend their money on useful store upgrades.


Papa's Donuteria offers a solid, fast-paced challenge with some striking colors and all the charm you'd expect. Its characters are still cute. The game is very engaging, and it is a very good pastime. Visual and sound effects are well applied to the game throughout. It also offers fun mini-puzzle games where players can earn additional rewards. Here players will learn the basic concepts of delicious cooking donuts. If your players plan to start such a business in the future or make themselves a donut, they can get an idea from playing it. All in all, the game is very dynamic and fun to play. It is worth downloading and trying by players.

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1 March, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

Papa's Donuteria To Go is a fun simulator with an intuitive interface and comfortable controls where your kids will bake hearty donuts and sell them to people. Events take place at dining venues located within the theme park. To satisfy so many people who want to try delicious donuts, kids need to follow the recipe to execute multiple orders at lightning speed. A successful event contributes to the growth of the institution, the procurement of the latest equipment, and the discovery of unique formulations.


During the game, your kids must focus on four stations individually. Each station has its own process. The game is simple and easy, but making custom pies becomes challenging. The ingredients, toppings, crusts, doughnuts, and quantities that players will use should all be based on the needs of the kids' customers. Donuts also have a dedicated delivery service for customers who don't want to go shopping for delicious donuts. Customers will call the toy's landline to place an order. Since the player is the only one guarding the restaurant, your kids cannot leave it outside to deliver their orders. So, the kids need to put the driver in charge of delivering the pie order.


Papa's Donuteria To Go is one of the funniest games in the series, each order consists of a different donut with multiple different components, and even the order your kids place the donuts on the screen matters. Like all games in the series, while things start slowly, they start quickly. Suddenly, handling up to a dozen doughnuts at a time, all of which need to be cooked and decorated, became more difficult. Your kids can easily miss the filling that needs to be seasoned. Everything from even dipping to frosted doughnuts is harder than it looks. Therefore, this simple game is not easy to complete smoothly. It has a lot of wisdom contained in the game that requires your child to think and execute.


Overall, Papa's Donuteria To Go is a very fun and relaxing game. Although the controls of this game are very simple, the content is very rich. Your kids can't do everything in minutes. So, kids won't get bored. Games will give your children a sense of accomplishment. If your kids want to try some cooking games, you shouldn't let your kids miss this creative cooking game. It will bring a whole new gaming experience to kids. So, download it now.

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11 March, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

Do you love to make something? In this game, you mix the ingredients, fry them in an oil pot, and then decorate and sprinkle them with a variety of toppings. When your customer arrives to pick up their order, you’ll have to remember which donut is theirs so that you can hand it over along with a cup of coffee or milk. You can even rename the customers who come in!


You’ll need to put together the ingredients for each donut in order to make them. When you're ready, head to your kitchen and give the ingredients a good mix. Then once they're mixed up, it's time to make some donuts! Put all of your ingredients into the oil pot and heat it up on high. While your oil is heating up, prepare your donut tray. You can choose to make regular-sized donuts, or you can make mini donuts as well! Once the oil is hot, crack open an egg and drop it straight into the pot! Be careful not to burn yourself -- this game definitely gets a little messy. After you've dropped all of your ingredients in and mixed them up, you want to wait for them to cook. Use the timer so that you know when exactly they're ready! But be careful not to overcook them – if they're cooked too long, they'll fall apart when you pour more ingredients into the pot.


Once the donuts have cooked for a few minutes, put them on your donut tray. Then you’ve just got to wait for your customer to arrive. And when she does, hand her the donuts and drink in her reaction! At first, it's going to be awkward -- maybe even hot and bothered -- but as soon as you hand them their donut, they'll smile and thank you one after another. Wish you will love it like me.

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28 March, 2022


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