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Updated: Sep 1, 2022
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Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

Papa's Pizzeria To Go! is the third installment of Papa Louie's restaurant management game series. The game was officially released in September 2014 by the American-based Flash game development company Flipline Studios. The Player will act as a pizza baker and be in charge of full management of a hands-on pizza restaurant in the Papa Louie universe. There are a male character and a female one available for players to choose from. Players will experience the full process from order-taking, topping, baking, cutting, and delivering. Carefully record what your customers request, add a variety of toppings to each pizza, cook the pizza in the oven until just right, and cut the pizza into slices so it can be better served. Deliver the pizza to your customer and see how they like it and what score you will get. Your score is based on how perfectly your pizza meets a request from the customer. As you proceed level by level, more topping, outfits and different customers will be unlocked, which can be loads of fun. Use in-game tips to release your creativity to buy new furniture and posters or other upgrades to decorate your lobby. There is also a lobby editor which you can use to change the layout of your lobby. There are 75 in-game achievements to be unlocked so you will never get bored until you finish them all.


As your rank gets higher, you will receive unique orders, unlock special ingredients, and meet very picky customers or even critics. But more difficulties always mean more fun. The game is not just moving your finger, every step of pizza making is hands-on, and the game offers you with a real scenario of running a real restaurant. Unlock a sense of achievement when you see a big smile on your customer’s face because you serve them exactly what they order.

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30 March, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Papa's Pizzeria To Go! is a resource management game published by Flipline Studios. The game requires players to tap various hotspots to make and deliver food to customers, and at the same time, the game gives it a more personal feel. The basics of the game are simple, players simply swap between four stations, each of which is an important part of the pizza-making process.


First, at the order station. Players will take orders here as customers approach the counter. Then there is The Topping Station. Once the player has customers or orders lined up, the player can go here to prepare the pizza. Toppings are easy. Players simply drag and drop various toppings onto the pizza according to the customer's specifications. But that's where some tricky things come in. The player's client must decide not only what ingredients he wants, but also where they should be placed. For the best pizza, the player's toppings need to be roughly evenly distributed around the area of the pizza he wants toppings. The third is the baking station. Once the toppings are done, players can send the pizza directly to the oven for cooking. When the pizza has been baked for the appropriate time, the player can take it out. Lastly is the cutting station. Players deliver pizza directly here after taking it out of the oven. By drawing lines from one end of the pizza to the other, players can cut it into small pieces according to the customer's request to cut it. Then, when the player is satisfied, the player can complete the pizza and send it to the customer. The player's performance at each station directly determines the score the customer awards you when the toy hands him the pizza, or rather, how much the tip is.


Papa's Pizzeria To Go! also has a major time management element. From the moment the player takes the pizza out of the oven, the player is effectively locked into the cutting and serving process. It takes time. Maybe it took too long if any other pizzas in the oven were ready to come out. To help balance the time it takes to serve the pizza and the time it takes to put the pizza in the oven, after topping the pizza, players have the option to save it for later.


Overall, Papa's Pizzeria To Go! is a skill-based challenge. The skill with which the player handles the various stops not only affects your tip, but also determines how quickly the player completes the pizza itself. The presence of these skill-based challenges really fleshes out the game, beyond a simple challenge of what and when to click. Papa's Pizzeria To Go! has great graphics and delightful music, which makes this game a great one. Download it now and try it out.

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3 April, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

In Papa's Pizzeria To Go, your kids can experience the everyday life of a pizza baker. Here, they must take on various tasks such as toppings, baking or cutting pizzas. Papa's Pizzeria To Go! is a time management and business strategy game released by Flipline Studios. The game will give your kids an exciting insight into the daily life of a pizza baker. On pizza, bake just right, then cut pizza into bite-sized pieces. With many impatient and critical clients waiting for the kids, the kids had to work very quickly and accurately. If kids make pizza correctly and serve it well to customers, there are tips that can beautify your store. Level up, unlock new toppings and customers, and make the kids' store the city's favorite pizza place.


In Papa's Pizzeria To Go, your kids will lead a small pizzeria where kids have to take on all the tasks. For example, you have to pick up a customer's order at the ordering station, cover the pizza with the desired toppings at the top station, and put it in the oven at the baking station. In Papa's Pizzeria To Go, your kids can use many different ingredients to make pizza. In total, they can unlock 26 ingredients such as salami, ham, onion or paprika. Kids need to keep their customers happy. Since kids often must deal with particularly critical or impatient customers in pizza parlors, kids must prepare pizza very quickly and accurately. The more satisfied Kids' customers are, the more points they earn. With more points, kids can easily level up and unlock new tops or clients. Plus, well-prepared pizza can earn mice tips that kids can use to decorate your store. If your kids have collected enough hints, you can buy new decorations in the store and beautify your store. In total there are more than 140 different items such as posters or furniture.


Papa's Pizzeria To Go is especially suitable for the small screens of smartphones and tablets. Your kids can easily control it with their thumbs throughout the game. Overall, Papa's Pizzeria To Go works very well. It's worth buying if your kids ever enjoyed playing this series of games. Papa's Pizzeria To Go is so much fun for kids who just want some casual and not too serious games. It's worth downloading for your kids.

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31 March, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

For all of you who have ever dreamed of owning a pizza joint, your dream has come true! We know when we're hungry, but sometimes our schedules just get the best of us. In our present life who doesn't like eating pizza. And you are going to make it by playing games. This all-new version of the famous restaurant simulator has revised gameplay and controls reinvented for smaller displays. In fact, you can take your iPad or another touchscreen device on the go with you - no matter what size pizza toppings you choose to order! When you using phone, it automatically adjusts on your screen. On the other hand, its visualizing effects, sounds, and graphics are really of out words actually. They update all the features with new moods and new styles.    


To make things even easier for us and even more delicious for us too - they have given this game a total makeover. Yes! It’s true. Its menu has been edited completely new style and new items and also streamlined, with only pizzas that are made from scratch available. You are the total planner inside this game. So, what does this mean total planner? Well, inside this game your choices for toppings, though, are unfettered. With three tiers of pizzas to choose from and more than 15 delicious varieties to mix and match, you'll want to try them all!


What you need to only follow the game's new recipe, Papa now also makes a few special pizzas that let you customize your own. Feel free to try your hand at making the garlic knots and pepperoni-and-mushrooms pizza. By the way during playing games, you also earn points. And they help you to upgrade your game levels. This means you will enjoy full playtime. Enjoy!!

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12 March, 2022


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