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Rhythm Hive: All-New Chapter

Size : 125M
Version: 5.0.4
Updated: Nov 28, 2022
Size : 290.7 MB
Version: 5.0.3
Updated: Nov 23, 2022

—— Editor's Review (Referrer) ——

Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

Do not miss out on this opportunity if you are a star-chasing young lady. Rhythm Hive is a pretty interesting rhythm-type music mobile game that has a lot of potentials. The gaming background in Rhythm Hive is made up of Korean idols, which is unique. In the game, you may unlock a large number of various characters, and gamers will have a good time with it. Start your own trip here, and you'll be able to enjoy a better gaming experience as well as more entertaining new music game material. You can play the game while listening to the songs of your idol. Fans from all around the world can communicate with you through a personalized profile you can design! Discover your favorite concentric circles! Also included is the ability to personalize your profile with your favorite artist skins and monitor who has seen your profile usage access log!


We have prepared a highly fascinating and diverse selection of music for the players in this section. There are some quite powerful gameplay features in this game. We have planned a plethora of varied tasks for players, all of which will be presented through an extraordinarily beautiful game interface. Players can carefully study more varied tactics, and in the game, players can easily experience more fascinating game operations. In addition, the game's composer has prepared a rich and interesting soundtrack for you to enjoy while playing. Rhythm Hive's special selfie cards are available to collect and enhance, and there are many various types of music to enjoy in the game. Players can unlock more of their idol cards here, and then add them all to their card album. There is no difficulty in the game; you can unlock and check it out for free right here, and you can make friends one by one as you progress through it. There is a fresh and classic gaming style present in this game that you can simply appreciate. Now is the time to download Rhythm Hive.

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April 14, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Do you like K-pop? Do you like Korean idols? Would you be crazy if I told you there's a game that lets you get up close and personal with them? Are You Ready to scream? Rhythm Hive: Seventeen Update by Hybe Co.Ltd.


Rhythm Hive is the latest release of an enjoyable music and leisure game, this game is fascinating, and Rhythm players can also choose their image of love beans to unlock and dress up. The play is very innovative, and the daily simulation of the stars and concert performances. This game is a prevalent music type of game recently, extremely delicate character appearance design, the music included in it is very beautiful. Many activities can be passionate participation, guaranteed to put you in a happier mood; if you're a music lover, join in. The gameplay is vibrant, simulates the daily star, performs, and improves the singing level. You can go to create personalized clothing, many costumes to try, to the perfect packaging yourself. The most crucial point is that the game background melody is beautiful, all from your favorite Idol songs; you will not be moved? The visual experience is also exhilarating. Recently, there have been a lot of new music updates, making sure that the experience is the most enriching. Every day online can receive a super variety of props to help you relax online entertainment. You can also collect more members' cards, unlock new songs, participate in the game, and finger quick dexterity. Rich level challenges, play up the fun is full, wonderful task clock, bring endless joy. Collect more cards, complete different tasks, and let every fan feel the heartbeat. The game is dominated by Korean k-pop music, with many of this year's and previous classic Korean songs included. The game uses vertical-down click operations, with rich music and numerous custom-made unlocking methods, making it pretty playable. Download it, and I'll wait for you in the game!

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April 18, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

Rhythm Hive- All-New Chapter is a rhythm music game published by HYBE Co., Ltd. Its easy-to-use controls and beautiful visuals are perfect for kids who love music and rhythm. Rhythm Hive, like many other rhythm games, is tasked with the goal of performing actions and getting the highest score by tapping, trailing, and long-pressing at the locations indicated by the beat of the song. Overall, Rhythm Hive isn't difficult, but it has a variety of different game modes, thus making it stand out in its class and more fun. No matter which game mode is chosen, kids can change the difficulty and customize their stage. Also, kids can choose to make a full song or a short version, as Rhythm Hive has the option that most rhythm games never have a full song.


Rhythm Hive has three main game modes. The first is the live stage mode. Kids can pair up with other players and form groups. Children represent members of their choice. Finally, scores for the kids and other players are calculated and one player is awarded to the top performer. Although it is a competitive mode. But Rhythm Hive's idea is interesting and different from the normal league format. The second is the single-player mode. It can be used as a practice area for the children's live stage, but play tasks also require children to complete challenges here. The third is Mix mode, where kids can create a mix of three songs, which are then pieced together into a playable full track. Kids can also customize the mix of songs by changing the difficulty, speed, and more for each song.


So if you want your first song to be easy, the second to be normal, and the third to be hard, you can do that. Once the mix is complete, it goes up for hours for other players to play. During this time, you cannot make new mixes. Initially, I wanted the remix to be just a single-player game, and you could make new remixes as needed. But I do like the sharing aspect, so it would be nice if they added a studio version of the mix like they did on a live stage.


One of the unique features of Rhythm Hive is that kids can choose a favorite artist to play as a character, and so they can level up over time and earn rewards like different types of in-game currency. In addition, the game has daily and weekly missions with rewards, as well as missions throughout the season. Occasionally, special events also occur from time to time. These are great ways for kids to earn currency and level up to score points.


Overall, Rhythm Hive is an enjoyable game and I highly recommend your kids to experience this unique and innovative rhythm game.

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May 5, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

Rhythm Hive is a K-pop rhythm game where you can enjoy your favorite K-pop songs! Rhythm Hive is a music game that combines elements from various genres of music, such as jazz, hip hop, rock, and classical. The player's objective is to tap on notes in time with the beat in order to complete increasingly difficult musical patterns. Nowadays almost all around the world, K-pop fans are increasing. Seventeen’s fans one of them. We every day searched for their updates. Try to create notes using their emoji and stickers. Good news for all of those fans all over the world.


Rhythm Hive: SEVENTEEN Update is their first major release patch since the initial release; however, SEVENTEEN Update builds upon the single-player experience presented in the original Rhythm Hive. The full rhythm-based gameplay and progression system are still in place, meaning that you can continue your adventure regardless of whether or not you purchased Rhythm Hive (and its expansion). Just download and start playing. No extra downloads or installations are needed - All you need to do is download for free and play some of your favorite songs from different K-Pop artists. Rhythm Hive works on any android phone with 2GB RAM or more that runs Android 4.1, so no matter what device you have on hand, this game will work just fine.


Rhythm Hive also features an updated game mode called Grids. In Grids, players can play with the same songs they've already mastered in Classic Mode, but with more difficult musical patterns to surprise them. To help navigate through the song's difficulty, we have included a Level Select option from the main menu so players can choose their favorite song at any time. I am very excited about Rhythm Hive: SEVENTEEN's new features. As far as the game is a significant milestone for the studio, and can’t wait for you to play it!

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April 14, 2022


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