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My Child Lebensborn

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Version: 1.7.102
Updated: Aug 15, 2022
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Version: 1.7.101
Updated: Apr 8, 2022

—— Editor's Review (Referrer) ——

Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

My Child Lebensborn is a unique child nurturing game that may trigger some strong emotions. This is not a delightful game. In fact, there may be no entertaining element at all, although it is called a game. You can get some hints from its trailers and posters.


I would say that the background of this game is as important as its content. The development of this game started when a creative documentary director, Elin Festøy, met a nurturing game developer, Catharina Bøhler. Festøy developed this game because she wanted to tell people that “the war isn’t over until the hatred ends.” With its informative and instructive nature, Festøy called it a documentary game.


The story in the game happens in Norway after WWII. Lebensborn was a Nazi Germany association aiming at increasing the birth rate of the so-called racially pure children. Your to-be-adopted child, either Karin or Klaus, is a Lebensborn child. Your task is to take care of one of the children and help them survive in the post-war society. You might wonder where their parents go. One of the tasks in this game is to explore who their parents are, where they are, and what happened to them. It would take you about 4 hours to finish this game. During this journey, you seem to be in Norway in 1948 and experience the bullying and discrimination that Karin and Klaus suffered. Meanwhile, you need to cook for them and sometimes read them to bed. Your relationship with the child will change based on how you choose to say in your conversations. When you get in touch with their father, it is almost the end of this game.


This game contains some sensitive materials, such as bullying, which could be disturbing to some players. For example, a famous poster shows Klaus in the bath asking, “What is a Nazikid…”. So, be prepared to be painful if you choose to take on this journey.

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2 April, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

My Child Lebensborn is a simulation game based on real events. In the game, in addition to deciding the child's feelings, character development and worldview through choices, players must also work hard in the process of raising the child. Earn money, cook, craft, and play with the kids. Players can choose to adopt boys or girls, help them through the most difficult period of childhood, experience the different growth experiences of boys and girls, and give them the right guidance and care.


The game is full of realistic simulation development elements. Players can reasonably arrange the daily lifetime corresponding to each day, which can shorten the distance with their children, open their hearts, and unlock more plots and character growth. Taking children is also one of the most important tasks for players as guardians, taking children to cook, bathe, go to school, and shop. In addition, players must work to earn money, tell stories to children, sew clothes for children to wear, and especially write letters to find the truth about the connection between children and their loved ones. Loving this child is the secret to clearing the level. In the game, players can unlock more content by interacting with the child a lot.


When kids are bullied and in a bad mood, players need to spend more time playing with them. There are plenty of recreational activities that can bring them back to being happy and re-emerging to connect with people. Players can play ball, fish, paint, make cakes with their children, and give them gifts on special holidays. Believe that your child will be very happy.


Because children are labeled as "sinful" bloodlines, they are always bullied and ostracized for no reason. All players need to do is to patiently accompany them, talk to them, go into their hearts, and eliminate their inferiority complex and fear.


Can you help your child get out of harm's way and grow up healthy? Come and experience it in the game.

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9 February, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

My Child Lebensborn is a 2018 social simulation game developed by Teknopilot for iOS, Android, and Windows. Players raise a child born to life in Norway after World War II, helping them through the process of growing up and the bullying they face because of their background. The game has been critically acclaimed for its depiction of emotional trauma.


I highly recommend players to experience this game, especially to parents, and recommend the game for kids and parents to experience together. There are many reasons why games are worth playing. First, the gameplay of My Child Lebensborn will make people feel emotional, and the content of the game is thought-provoking. Players will experience anger, sadness, happiness, and despair in the game. It really makes your child feel empathy for the thousands of kids who have been through similar events. It's a good game worth your and your kids' time. Second, My Child Lebensborn is very educational for young children. Children can learn about German soldiers and young Norwegian women, including why they were treated so disrespectfully. Thirdly, this game has a lot of details and beautiful graphics, it is a great work. The game is full of beautiful animations, which is an important attraction for children's interests. If the child is running the game on an optimized smartphone, there will be absolutely no stuttering or stuttering when playing the game. The interface of the game is also very rich and user-friendly, and children will easily integrate into the story that is happening in front of them. Fourth, children will experience the cruelty of war and the insignificance, helplessness, pain, and helplessness of personal power in the game. Maybe this game won't make you and your kids have fun, but it will make you get other feelings like you really cry for the game and the story or learn more. Sometimes, gaining an understanding is even more meaningful than being happy.


My Child Lebensborn is worth the experience for you and your children. It's not just a social simulation game, it's a thought-provoking story that increases kids' empathy. It will fascinate the children, and it will bring endless aftertastes. It's worth downloading for you and your kids. Can you and your child help the child in the game out of harm's way? Let them grow up healthy? Try it, and then you'll know.

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17 February, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

The game follows a young German woman, Elfriede, who is raped by a Russian soldier in Berlin after the end of World War II. Elfriede becomes pregnant and has to flee from her home because the child is unwanted. She goes to Denmark (one of the few countries that opened its borders for children born out of wedlock) before moving on to Roskilde, where she gives birth to her daughter and raises her in uncertain circumstances.


Danish authorities eventually learn about Elfriede's daughter: they force her to start working as a housekeeper for soldiers' families where one day Elfriede's daughter also learns about how she was born - it all starts making sense. Elfriede goes to the police to confirm what she already knows about her daughter's birth. The police aren't able to help, as it is a German secret and must be held for a further time. Elfriede does not give up: she goes back to Roskilde and tries to find out more about her daughter by contacting some of the men from the area who were involved in her birth.


She finally learns that she may have been involved in a Lebensborn program - but only as "a normal child born to a German soldier and Danish woman." She goes to Sweden where she also tries to find out more about her daughter. It turns out that her daughter was born in the town of Roskilde on August 15, 1946. Eventually, Elfriede's daughter is reunited with her mother, who is now living in Sweden. The game has some difficult challenging moments for players, both because of the choices they can make and because of the consequences. Overall it’s hearing a touching historical drama-type game. When you play sometimes might be gonna cry. Don’t wait for it!!

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12 February, 2022


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