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The Secret Society: Mystery

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Version: 1.45.7800
Updated: Nov 10, 2022
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Version: 1.45.7801
Updated: Nov 21, 2022

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Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

Games that have a plot are usually interesting to play. The Secret Society is an adventure game in which you must solve puzzles. An enigmatic community where people possess special talents that allow them to navigate around a wonderful realm, and discover hidden things and treasures while solving perplexing riddles is the setting for the game. In the game, your beloved uncle vanished without a trace, and you were summoned to his manor to look into his absence. After a while, you discover that you, too, possess these extraordinary abilities and that only you are capable of locating him. Discover and combine hidden objects into artifacts in this fantasy world full of hidden object pictures and puzzles. Complete the quest to defend the Hallows and thwart the powers that threaten the entire society in this hidden object adventure game for the iPad!


Here are a few pointers to keep in mind. Your task is to track down and piece together notes in order to solve the mystery surrounding your uncle's mansion. You'll be engrossed in a mystery adventure with unexpected plot twists and turns to look forward to! Continue your adventure in search of things and clues that will assist you in unraveling the mystery surrounding your uncle's disappearance, as well as in search of valuable items that will aid you in your quest. This game has the advantage of allowing you to play several game modes at your own leisure, such as searching for hidden things or completing unique puzzles, which is a nice feature. This game has a really detailed plot concept, and if you decide to play it, you will undoubtedly have a great time doing so. It will be an interesting and entertaining amusement game to play in your spare time. Is there anything more you want to do? Now is the time to download The Secret Society!

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April 19, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Finally, I'm so excited right now, because I'd like to introduce you to my favorite game, which can bring you the perfect movie experience. The game, called Secret Society: Mystery, was developed by G 5 Entertainment. This is a classic European-American style click game, and players will experience different sections of the bizarre plot, ups and downs of the character story, and exquisite rendering. Like this kind of game, players quickly download the experience! What makes it great is that it's a fantastic mystery adventure puzzle game. The game is shrouded in darkness, and players need to become treasure hunters in the multi-mission map to find treasure and join the Seeker Alliance for Research. It creates the right atmosphere for the player, skillfully combining hidden item quests and puzzles, and has over 300 levels for the player, each with its unique storyline. In addition to the intense adventure, decryption can also know a funny story, fascinating, indulge in it. Join the ancient and mysterious seekers alliance, enter the multi-mission locations, and explore the Wonderful World of Magic! Some people are free to enter the world of magic, people who have this unique ability to get together, and over time, a secret society of Seekers was born. Your Dear Uncle Richard was an elite member of the seeker order, and when he suddenly disappeared, you felt pain and despair, but then you realized that you, too, had magical powers, and he was the only one who could find him. It is up to you to find your missing uncle, protect the sacred treasures of the order, and nip the dangers that threaten the very existence of the secret order in the bud!


Overall, this fantastic game combines hidden item quests and puzzles neatly, making it fun for you to enjoy for hours on end. Meet interesting characters, complete special assignments they give you, keep discovering new magical worlds, and learn the secrets of the Fellowship of Seekers. You can buy in-game features to unlock additional rewards.

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April 20, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

The Secret Society: Mystery is a freemium game released by G5 Entertainment that caters to hidden object lovers. The Secret Society is a must-see for kids who love solving puzzles and riddles in a free hidden object mobile adventure game. In the game, kids need to find and piece together notes in order to solve the huge mystery filled with mystery in their uncle's mansion. The game will provide a mysterious story. Children will explore freely in this game world full of hidden objects with fascinating characters. During the game, children also experience unexpected plot twists and constantly swap and match gems in clever puzzles. In addition, the game is constantly updated with additional missions. This allows children to look for clues and useful items that will help them complete their quests and continue their play journey.


The Secret Society follows a quest-style progression method and provides a series of different rooms for children to play. There are certain hidden object style game challenges that kids can complete. Every time children complete a scene, they will gain a lot of experience, which will greatly increase their sense of purpose and achievement. After a victory, kids can also unlock other game objectives and tasks.


The Secret Society has a nice game mechanic. Children can quickly pay off in the game. The game interface has a constant experience bar to show the progress of the game, and an increasing energy bar to indicate how long the kids must wait to get back to full capacity. Additionally, crystals in The Secret Society can be purchased for real money to speed up the game, but as long as your child is patient, there is no need to purchase them at all.


Overall, Secret Society is an excellent game with a unique traversal of magical worlds, finding hidden objects and treasure, and playing cryptic puzzles. If your kids love to find hidden objects and want to experience an engaging hidden object adventure, don't miss this adventure game with an artistic and mysterious tone.

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May 11, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

The Secret Society: Mystery is a game set in Solving puzzles and finding items. Players will play as members of the secret society, which is investigating the disappearance of items and lots of puzzles. In this game, players will take on the roles of both innocent civilians and dedicated investigators trying to uncover a deeper mystery. The game requires players to use deduction and logic to figure out who or what is responsible for taking away their items. And it is up to players to solve the mystery before it’s too late!


Players will have special abilities, represented by colored dice. Each player will have a number of these dice equal to that player’s primary ability. A player’s ability may affect other players’ abilities, allowing them to use more dice or introduce elements such as time manipulation. Players may play events (or actions) to assist their investigation, or to help other players in the game. However, since each player will only have 7 actions (based on the total number of players in the game), they must choose wisely which ones they use. Players’ skill levels will be hidden during the game, so all players will be able to investigate as if they are equally as talented at solving mysteries.


Players will roll their dice equal to their ability and then take turns placing them in a row next to each other. Once placed, these dice can no longer be used but may be modified by certain events that are played. On the other hand, inside the game, when you are found anything, you are going to use a magnifying glass. This ability is a hindrance for players but allows them to perform a special task after two rolls. Special abilities may be used during this special period, as well as during your turn. So, it's time to start this game.

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15 April, 2022


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