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Clue: The Classic Mystery Game

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Updated: Oct 31, 2022
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Updated: Oct 27, 2022

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Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

Are you always on the lookout for entertaining crime-solving games? Come on over to Clue: The Classic Mystery Game right away. It's a textbook case of murder and mayhem! Celebrate in this virtual house where every guest is a suspected murderer and you'll have a perilous time. You'll need to figure out the answers to three questions, including who did it and why. What kind of weapon do you have? Which room do you want to be in? Roll the dice, assume the role of a detective, and prepare for the game of wit to begin! Take a suspect, a weapon, and a room from the deck and distribute the remainder of the cards among the participants. One caveat: if you ask, "Is that Colonel Mustard in the living room with the rope?" the player who is holding the Colonel, the rope, or the living room must show you their cards, regardless of whether they are in the living room or not. Players can explore each room in search of answers! Case-solving and deductive reasoning are likewise difficult tasks. Consider the following scenarios: you must maintain track of the clue sheet, you must utilize your virtual clue sheet buddy to keep track of suspects, and the clue sheet assists you in reasoning, refining your strategy, and solving riddles. Don't take the chance of letting the thieves getaway!


Because there are no advertisements in this game, you may fully enjoy it. Girls who enjoy puzzle-solving detectives will not want to miss out on this. There are ten different styles and themes to choose from in the game, which will provide you with long-term freshness. You can also pick between single-player and multiplayer modes, allowing you to enjoy the game on your own or with your family and friends while competing against them. Come and take part in the game!


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April 12, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Do you like games that have a cinematic experience? Do you like quality games? Is your logic sound? Good at logical reasoning? Would you be interested in playing a game like watching a movie? The game I'm going to show you is Clue: The Classic Mystery Game, developed by Marmalade Game Studio.


This is a film adaptation of the Game; Clue Birmingham law firm Clerk Antony Palette produced the game. Initially launched in the UK in 1948 by Waddington Games, Hasbro now releases it. The background of the game is a building in England. The drawing board is a floor plan of the room location. The player means you will play a role as a guest of the building. The building's owner, Dr. Black, was found murdered. The players are all suspects. The first player to find the killer, the murder weapon, and the murder room wins.


Realistic screens, the screen of many elements, are very delicate. The gameplay is the ultimate brain-burning for the players to bring a completely different solution to the puzzle play. Simple operation, many elements can be free to combine. Lots of clues and puzzles to play with for free. The style of the game is exquisite and realistic, and the details are detailed and detailed, giving the players a sense of reality. The game is demanding and challenging, and players can think about it for free. So, what do you think? Are you interested now? I highly recommend you download this game because you will be surprised by the details of the game when you open the game. The suspects will be gathered together in a mansion, there will be many specific scenes among many characters, and you will need to use your different strategies within the game to find all the clues that will reveal who the killer is. The whole process requires you to gather all the evidence and put it together with reasoning, which is a fantastic board game because it gives you the clues you need to figure out the actual murder.

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April 14, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

Clue: The Classic Mystery Game is a board clicker game published by Marmalade Game Studio. It is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. It's perfect for kids who love reasoning games and other family members. The plot of the game sets up six suspects. One of them is the murderer. The goal of the children's game is to find out who killed the game's victim, Dr. Black, and to determine what weapon the killer used, and in which room the crime took place. Children can ask questions and take notes as one of six suspects in the game. Their initial task was to determine that crime was being fought.


The game modes of Clue: The Classic Mystery Game include single-player, AI mode and multiplayer online or local offline mode. This variety of options makes the operation of the game very free. It also has a game interface that combines 3D and 2D. Where children see the mansion and character markers in the game in 3D during the dice roll stage, and then the art room scene with representative characters in 2D. Also, these game characters have their own poses.


Clue: The Classic Mystery Game has a virtual clue table. Children will see it automatically add ticks and crosses as game characters make and answer suggestions. This makes it clear if a character has a specific card, and kids can make their own markers by hand. This enables your children to use more advanced deductive techniques to exercise their reasoning skills.


Overall, Clue: The Classic Mystery Game will let children appreciate the importance of successfully making correct suggestions and judgments within the allotted time and can experience the charm and fun of crime-solving board games with their families. Therefore, it is very worthwhile for your children to have. Download it now for your kids.

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April 27, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

Clue is a popular classic board game. It is so easy to play, Clue has been translated into many languages and has been adopted by many different groups. The goal of each round is to find out who committed a murder, which player gets put in jail, and how did they do it? To figure out who did what, players will ask questions about the crime and deduce different conclusions based on other players’ statements. At the end of each round, players vote on the person they suspect committed the crime.


A Clue game consists of an unfolding lounge with a door to a secret passage and an oven that can be opened and closed. The other items in the game are six weapons, one victim meeple, two-room cards, two additional cards that show where each weapon is hidden, and 6-character cards. Each player takes a character card—a person who might have committed the murder—and gets their own game board to track their movements around the house. Players are also given a sheet of paper that has spaces to record who they suspect committed the crime and how they did it. At the beginning of each round, players have to figure out which is the guilty party and move their meeple up to the center of the room and put it on the napping bed. A second person has to roll a die and take their victim card from their hand with a special pin on it. The player who is displayed on the bed moves one space toward them. After this second person draws his or her special card, all seven players have one minute to figure out different questions about what happened in the house and try to deduce who is guilty.


Character cards have their own special questions about the crime and how it was committed. After each round, players vote on who they think committed the crime by picking up their character card and counting how many votes they get. The player with the most votes is guilty. The game ends after one round when someone is found out to be guilty and they are taken away in handcuffs. The game continues until all players have been caught through voting.

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April 11, 2022


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