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Airport Security

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Version: 1.5.0
Updated: Oct 17, 2022
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Version: 1.5.0
Updated: Oct 19, 2022

—— Editor's Review (Referrer) ——

Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

The British hypecasual game developer Kwaless has launched another casual 3D simulation game “Airport Security” in 2021. The game features realistic airport interrogation scenarios with complete custom security experience covering desk inspection, luggage scan, body check, interview room and so. To proceed to the next level, you will always need to keep a sharp eye on each passenger and identify anything suspicious within their luggage, behavior and how they respond to your questions. Never let any suspect go, and never arrest any innocent, either—in both cases you will fail the game. Earn great awards and unlock new outfits and décor to upgrade the terminal as you advanced to next level.


The game is so lively and realistic. During desk inspection, you will be presented with people of different background and your job is to tell who is lying on what. Some passengers may fake their age or name on the passport while some may change their look, and others may even surprise you with cash hidden inside passport and say “you know me”—all these are happening in real airport security every day. Decide to arrest or approve people based on your observation and the information presented on their passport and do your duty to the airport as a real guardian.


The game is more than just "Justice is done" and can be entertaining. A Japanese Ninja with his ninja belt and a throwing star, a woman carrying a bat and a snake claiming that she's a vampire, and maybe a wizard bringing a magic wand and conduct a curse in front of you—you never know whom you gonna meet next. In the interview room, suspect may compliment you or even threaten you to get released. All these dramatic and funny designed story help to offer a real security experience without being too bored. Also, you can decide the color and layout of the scanner, the body detector or even the wallpaper of the terminal. Decorate the airport as your own home can be loads of fun, and having fun and doing justice at the same time is what you can expect from this game.

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13 March, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Airport Security is an airport security-themed casual game released by Kwalee Ltd on October 28, 2021. Players need to check passengers to make sure those who board the plane are allowed there. In this mini-game, players can check passports, check luggage, and load more items. The game is not complicated, but it does have some tricky parts that players need to pay attention to. Whether you are checking passports for the first time, or you've become a master at catching airport suspects.


In the game, if you want to learn to put yourself in the best position for the rope drive, it is best to repeat the level you want to play often so that it goes smoothly on the next roll. When a new challenge comes up, players need to make sure they are told what they are. When the player checks the passport, the player wants to spend as much time as possible looking at all the information the traveler has provided to make sure you check that their pictures match. After the player pats a game character, the player will see the items they are carrying. If they have a green outline, the player can let them pass without arresting the person. But if there is a single red item it means the player must make a capture to handcuff them.


Players can spend the cash they earn on upgrades, which means players can put together a one-time look at what you have. For example, players can unlock new uniforms by watching videos. But uniforms are purely decorative and don't bring any enhancements or enhancements to the game. In most cases, players can't even see them. But if players really want them, be sure to spend the extra time watching videos to unlock them.


Overall, Airport Security is a fun little game. This puzzle game is worth downloading for players who are interested in airport security or want to become security officers. The game itself is not difficult, players need to bring their trusty flashlight and must manage their airport alone. This entertaining process will make players feel relaxed and at the same time have a sense of accomplishment in catching criminals. If you are interested, go to Google Play or App Store to download it now.

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28 February, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

Airport Security is a puzzle game for kids. Children need to play the role of airport screeners, checking every passenger at the security checkpoint. Children need to check passports for problems, slap passengers to check their belongings, and arrest them if they see anything suspicious. As passengers pass through your scanner, children can see what they are wearing and carrying. Children must confiscate prohibited items before they are allowed through. If the child lets unsafe items through or confiscates too many non-prohibited items, or makes the line too long, it's game over for the kids.


The game is challenging but not complicated. Through a small prompt at the bottom of the screen, children are told which items are banned and which are allowed again. There is also a row of reference boxes at the top of the screen showing icons for disabled items. This will be very convenient for children to manage the airport.


Airport Security doesn't have any background music but makes a sound when kids click an option. This leaves the kids focused on checking passengers. The controls of the game are also easy to operate. Children simply drag their fingers across the screen to tap the passenger, then tap Arrest or Approve to decide the passenger's fate. But it also determines the children's own destiny in the game. The game has three levels of difficulty, and it gets harder the further you go. But this game is not set up to win, but to persuade and instruct children or other players. In this they are successful.


Overall, Airport Security is a fast-paced and fun game. If you want your children to know some knowledge about airport security or develop career ideas for children's security work. Then you must download this game for your children. This is an excellent mini-game when it comes to developing children's knowledge and responsibility.

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5 March, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

Welcome to the New game! which is called "Airport Security". This game is going to make you laugh, feel sick, but ultimately give you a lot of knowledge. This game is for entertainment purposes. The airport security game is a fun and interactive way to explore the work of airport security, find out how airport security works, and learn about the latest technology in use. This game has "Champions" where one can compete against different countries. Definitely, the "Champions" section is one of the most popular sections of this game, with large numbers of players, and is constantly growing. The reason behind it is that all are extraordinary levels that make you feel different on every level.


Inside this game, you will find out the game has been used by airport security officers, who have found it useful to see the questions that are being asked by passengers in the airport. It has also been used by people interested in becoming airport security officers.


Everyday person at the airport goes through extensive background checks that can last for several hours. The Airport Security game was created by a young Dutchman named Sanne van den Berg in 1999. He was always curious about airport security questions. So, the idea for this game came from his fascination with airport security and his desire to find out more about the work of an airport security officer. After creating the first version of the Airport Security game in 1999, it became a very popular website in The Netherlands and abroad. Every people liked that game too much. After getting too much love from people and support new versions also come out. All games are in no way affiliated with the airport security experience. So go ahead and have some fun becoming a pilot, cabin service employee, or police officer!

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10 March, 2022


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I don’t have any more time

2022-12-05 01:32:06

le jeux est super bien il y a des petit beug mais c'est un super jeux

2022-04-10 19:58:17

i like it so far

2022-04-09 02:44:43

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