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Updated: Oct 26, 2022
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Updated: Nov 1, 2022

—— Editor's Review (Referrer) ——

Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

Do you like nice clothes and shoes? What do you think of fashion? If you let you match, do you have the confidence to reach beautiful and unique? The game I would recommend for You is called Fashion Universe, developed by Voodoo.


The game provides clothing, shoes, hats, accessories, and many other trendy items you sell. You will be a tallyman, cashier, manager, and many different identities in one, carry out the store's operation, actively expand business projects, hire employees to explore the market, and create the world's best fashion shops. As a popular action simulation business game, for players to provide a hands-on opportunity, in the game more realistic experience of the details of the work of the content. Compared with the placement of simulated tournaments, the addition of action games can effectively avoid players in the order of the tedious waiting process and with the help of coherent settings to let players in, unable to extricate themselves. The game is fun to play, with hands-on activities ranging from picking up and sorting clothes and other items to collecting cash at the cash register, opening new shelf extensions and even hiring employees to improve efficiency. From hard work at the start-up to deep management, you'll be part of the rise of a rising star and reap hard-to-value assets in the world of gaming. The picture of the game is simple but very delicate. Although it can not be compared with a massive game, the game itself has significant advantages in using color, the proportion of characters and the details of objects. The richness of detail and the smoothness of the experience is enough to give the player a moment of relaxation. From a practical point of view, Fashion Universe has been optimized and experimented with as a game for female users. You'll see the plain T-shirt here, high-heeled shoes, perfume and many other female supplies, a complete range of impressive. Actual scale character modeling also lets the player that habitually criticizes matchstick person modeling shut up. But for those who find the game simple, artsy, and unplayable, this super casual game is enough for the people who have experienced it and love it.

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31 March, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Real fashion sales work gives you a taste of how hard retail workers sometimes work. In real life, there are demanding customers, inventory shortages, and lack of staff. Despite all the problems and challenges players face in the game Fashion Universe, at its core, Fashion Universe is not a stressful experience. In fact, trying to serve everyone in a game can be addicting and quite fun.


In the Fashion Universe, players will see the fashion store you run. Players must control the flow of customers and ensure that each customer is served as promptly as possible. Serve them well and you will earn an income that will be directed towards the overall goals you need to achieve to get to the next level. Unfortunately for you, none of the customers in the game are conscious of picking clothes for themselves, which means players must constantly travel between workshops, locker areas, dump areas and cashiers to serve them every stage.


Trying to manage everything proved to be surprisingly addicting to players. As the player progresses, the player will start to get a good feel for how to move around the store most efficiently. If the person entering the store from the right wants to buy a piece of clothing from the left, it is also possible to quickly collect money from the person who just checked out. So, it does a good job of completely emptying your shelves when players are least busy. The game encourages players to play in the most strategic way possible.


In Fashion Universe, the game's visual presentation and overall build quality are also decent. First, the game does a great job of calculating a rating system for customer satisfaction. Second, the graphics of the game are cute and simple, as everything is very cartoony. The game is full of interesting animations. If the player is running the game on an optimized smartphone, there will be absolutely no stuttering or stuttering when playing the game.


Overall, Fashion Universe is a game with a good concept and an addictive gameplay. Here, you will become the best expert. Create your own store layout and attract as many customers as possible and profit from your operations. This will give players an unexpected sense of achievement.

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21 March, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

Today, when the topic of fashion is hot, many games have also been born. Fashion Store Tycoon is one such game. The theme is to play the role of a salesperson in a fashion store. Fashion Universe will bring players many interesting experiences. Help players unleash your passion for fashion and business in the fashion world. This is the best simulation game for girls who love beauty to achieve wealth and satisfy fashion pursuits.


Fashion Universe reimagines the business of a player's fashion store. As a female character, the player will understand what needs to be done to serve guests. Let your female friends realize your dream of creating your own real store with this game.


In the Fashion Universe, role-playing starts the game with players taking on the role of a service worker in a fashion store. Players need to meet and satisfy the needs of customers within a given time. Players need to guide guests into the locker room. Help them get items. The player should do a good job of controlling this character's movements quickly and accurately. Revenue is all from customers. Therefore, players need to serve customers with the best service to keep them satisfied. They will shop more at your store. In terms of customer focus, the game really tests the player's business strategy. As a business simulation game, store revenue is obviously the top priority. There are a lot of things that players need to upgrade. The more you upgrade, the more luxurious and upscale your store will be. Only in this way, we can timely respond to the latest fashion trends in the market.


If you are passionate about fashion and are determined to open your own store. Even ambitious to develop into a first-class fashion store. Let's start by opening a small shop on the street in the Fashion Universe. Keep working and save up to upgrade everything in the shop. Gradually expand and develop visibility. Turn an ordinary shop into a famous haute couture store.

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29 March, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

“Fashion Universe is a great game because you have to level up and buy shoes, shirts, or clothes to put in your bag and then sell them to make money. You can also search for things on Fashion Universe."


Fashion Universe is one of my favorite games. much better and fun game! It's really easy to play too. When you’re on level one, there are five different floors where you place clothes with the tags in them depending on what floor they belong to. When you're done with that, you have to go to the next level and it gets a little harder. You place the clothes on their correct floor and then when you get all five floors done, you can go on the next level. One of my friends told me about this game and I didn't like it at first but then she told me more about it and I thought about playing it more seriously. You place the clothes in the correct spot. You go to the boss level and then you can get more items and if you have enough money, you can get a decoration on the floor. When you finish the game, you can play it again for more money!


There are many places where it's possible to find items such as fashion world, downtown, school, and shopping center. In the Shopping center, you can buy a variety of clothes and accessories like a hat, scarf or a bracelet. In downtown, you can buy clothes, shoes, and bags as well. In the Fashion world, you can buy many different kinds of clothes that are available in the game. The only thing is that they are quite high priced which is able to excite the players because they want to get new things for their characters. Let’s try.

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18 March, 2022


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