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Lash Salon

Size : 151M
Updated: Oct 12, 2022
Size : 151M
Updated: Oct 12, 2022

—— Editor's Review (Referrer) ——

Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

It can be said that every girl is a makeup artist. They will get up every morning and put on makeup and dress up carefully. Sometimes, girls also change their makeup according to the occasion. It has to be said that girls are very diligent in becoming beautiful. Maybe, have you ever thought about owning your own eyelash studio and beauty salon? Too busy at work? It doesn't matter. Lash Salon can help you make your wishes come true. Lash Salon is a makeup game designed for pretty girls. This game helps you to open an amazing eyelash studio and beauty salon to make dream eyelashes and eye art makeup. In your lash studio, you need to run your studio well and use your makeup talents. There will be customers coming into the store to experience beauty services, at this point you need to give your customers the ultimate eyelash salon spa experience, give your customers a custom makeup look just like DIY makeup and much other makeup artist and makeup games.


Lash Salon is a game worth playing for girls. First of all, this game provides a beauty platform, allowing girls to freely develop their own makeup talents and design unique makeup. Secondly, Lash Salon is also a management game. You need to manage your eyelash studio and customize special makeup for customers. Here, you can get a sense of achievement in doing business. Moreover, this game is simple to operate, players can easily get started, and there is no difficulty. Although the gameplay is simple, the game is also very interesting. The game provides a variety of cosmetics and makeup tools, players can choose and match colors at will to design beautiful makeup. What are you waiting for? There are long queues outside your spa lash salon and clients are waiting for your dream lashes and eye art makeup!

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April 19, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Are you good at makeup? I mean, for some step, like eyelashes. It's tough for me to stick to my eyelashes. If you like this type of game, I will introduce you to the game you will enjoy. The game is called Lash Salon and was developed by CrazyLabs Ltd. Lash Salon is a fun simulation of dressing up to do the eyelash game. To make gorgeous eyelashes to help your customers finish the eyelashes, you can try to make different eyelashes! Give your customers the eyelashes they want! Don't forget to dress up your customers when you dye them! And there's so much fashion to wear. The game has various hairstyles you can go-to shape and multiple colors you can freely match. Play is also very accessible, and you can go to the game anytime, anywhere, to bring you more fun. There are lots of clothes out there for you to collect to mix and match more styles. More interactive infinite jest and try some of the new play, exercise your attention and agility. Feel the happy time control the role direction, according to their rhythm to run to the point, must win. The new track different play, experience challenges, and friends can increase the game's fun is very good. There are many beauty programs, such as clearing acne for customers to dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes for the growth of color.


The game has many makeup tools for players to use. Here you can learn a lot about the makeup of knowledge. Colorful clothing and accessories can be free to choose from, and you can, according to their preferences, carry out a variety of different collocation. Many changes into a task for you to challenge, complete the various challenges, and get prosperous rewards. Are you tempted? Don't hesitate, just download it, and play it with your friends! Enjoy the game!

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April 17, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

Lash Salon is a makeup simulation game published by CrazyLabs LTD. This is an unmissable game for kids who love beauty and like makeup, especially girls. In this unique game, your kids will have their own amazing eyelash studio and beauty salon and can experience the unique fun of making fantasy eyelashes and eye art makeup.


In Lash Salon, kids can style their game characters' eyelashes any way they like. The tools in the game allow your child to be bold and creative. Here they can fully experience the aesthetic feeling of beautiful eyelashes. Achieving a great pair of lashes require kids to go through many steps, including removal, cleaning, brushing, and then iterative remodeling, resulting in a complete eye art makeup masterpiece.


In their dreamy lash studio, they can provide their clients with a premium lash salon spa experience. It's like experiencing DIY Makeup in real life and being like a makeup artist they've ever seen. This is similar to many make-up games, except that here kids just focus on making up and improving their lashes.


In general, I highly recommend this Lash Salon game. The game is super cool and has simple controls, so your kids will be easy to pick up and have fun creating beautiful artwork and having fun. In addition, Lash Salon is constantly being updated with more features and appearance options. Its very rich and beautiful art is sure to be an amazing experience for kids. Trust me, your kids will love the dreamy eyelashes they create and the game will nurture their aesthetic skills. So, don't hesitate. There's already a long line out the door at the kids' spa lash salon, and their clients are waiting for some dream lash and eye art makeup. Download this game for your child now.

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May 5, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

Lash Salon is this awesome game created by "yoke-sisters" Abi and Celine. In it, you are a salon manager, equipped with everything you need to make your customers feel pampered. You must keep their needs in mind as you create their look, from the color of their lashes to the shape of their brows. Keep in mind that all clients are different - some will have lashes that grow out quickly, and some will be allergic to something in your salons' products. Each customer will have their own personality and characteristics, making them either easy to please or hard as nails.


When you start Lash Salon you will be greeted with a menu screen with the following options:

Start New Game—This option allows you to start a game when one is not currently running. You can continue a game that was previously stopped, if the game is still in progress then stop will be available instead. A pop-up welcomes you to Lash Salon and gives you the basic controls and options. After reading this pop up you can choose your beginning options. Settings—This menu is used to change any of the game settings. You can select to start with a full trunk or be given a modest amount of items for only the basic needs. You can also choose if you start with one beauty salon or two.


Help/Hints-- This option allows you to view the game manual. It will open up in the same window that you started Lash Salon from and it will allow you to look at all other options in Lash Salon. There are no hints on what each option does, but there are several pages of tips and strategies on each option in this manual so I'd consider them spoilers if any were available prior to read this.

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April 12, 2022


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