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Matchington Mansion

Size : 187M
Version: 1.124.0
Updated: Nov 17, 2022
Size : 436 MB
Version: 1.124.0
Updated: Nov 22, 2022

—— Editor's Review (Referrer) ——

Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

This is a great game that mixes puzzles and home decor into one package. In this game, you'll have to learn how to decorate your home and solve puzzles as you progress. In this entertaining match-3 game, you must match pillows to decorate your home! In order to adorn your house, you must match pillows, and the game provides astonishing combinations of boosters and enhancers to help you out! In addition, you can piece together concealed things to match the game's theme. Character interactions in the game reveal secrets about the characters' pasts. And discover hidden sections that contain dozens of rooms and thousands of DIY decorations that are just waiting for you to discover them all.


Developing your interior design talents will also be necessary, as will enhancing and protecting your new home from a mischievous cousin. As a role-playing adventure game, it is your task to unravel the adventure and fascinating storyline with the assistance of your buddy Tiffany, funny characters and a home cat or pet dog. Good luck! It is possible to continue the adventure story and unlock additional rooms while also uncovering hidden secrets that will allow you to find more game storylines in this virtual environment. You can also spy on your neighbors to see how their decorative designs stack up against one another, which can aid you in solving challenges that you encounter. In addition, you can utilize your design abilities to personalize your mansion and garden to reflect your own personal taste and style. At the same time, by unlocking hidden sections, you will be able to enhance the appearance of each space with more fascinating decorations. Are you up to the task of solving this difficult connect-and-match puzzle?


This game is both imaginative and adaptable. In this entertaining environment, you can solve puzzles, go on adventures, and even decorate your home. This game will keep you occupied in your otherwise monotonous surroundings. At the same time, this game has the potential to provide you with hours of entertainment, stress relief, and relaxation.

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2 April, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Matchington Mansion is a match-3 game published by Magic Tavern, Inc. The game starts with a mansion. Players will take on the role of interior designers in affluent neighborhoods. In the game, players will be given keys to a temporarily uninhabited mansion. But when they get to the mansion, everything here is ruined. More than 100 million, players need to repair and refurbish. Then, this match-3 puzzle game officially begins.


The player's mission and objective in the game are to restore the house and restore it to its former glory by winning a match-3 game. The game has different levels of puzzles to complete. Players need to match 3 candies and complete the objective, but they must be careful about the rest of the action. Because players only have a limited amount of life, they can run out of life at any time. If the player's life is exhausted, the game is over. Also, players need to be mentally prepared that they may struggle to complete these levels and may even take multiple attempts to win. If the player wins, they will receive stars. Players can then use the stars to buy furniture for mansion renovations, such as replacing sofas and beds. The sense of accomplishment from winning and the satisfaction of buying new furniture can be a lot of fun for players.


Overall, Matchington Mansion is an excellent puzzle game. The entire environment and even the characters are in full 3D. This 3D technology enhances the main game world art style and graphics. The animation of the game also benefits from its 3D technology, such as the transition, physics, matchmaking, and chain reaction process when the player experiences the game, it will create smooth operation movements, and at the same time, the game will be presented in a state of coexistence of static and dynamic. That's the beauty and uniqueness of Matchington Mansion. In addition, Matchington Mansion is a game that can be downloaded for free without spending any money. If the player is a match-3 game lover and wants to play games related to the theme of home decor, then Matchington Mansion is worth downloading. Here, players will forget about boredom and exhaustion. So, download it now. Come to Matchington Mansion to play match 3 games and help the game's characters redecorate the mansion.

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1 April, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

Matchington Mansion is a puzzle match-3 game with a home decor adventure theme. It's great for kids to play with. Here your kids can play match 3 games and house decoration. And the game is much simpler. The puzzles are not that difficult, and it is easy for children to learn. Like most match-3 games, the game is set to have 5 lives, and if your kids run out of lives, the game will refill them every 13 minutes. If kids desperately need lives, they can always buy them with your coins, but earning coins will take a while unless parents make in-app purchases for their kids.


The game is based on the recent death of best-selling author friend Jane Houston. She leaves her mansion to the protagonist. Players will encounter nearly 30 colorful characters as they clear old chests and restore the mansion to its former glory. Like Tiffany, the game's protagonist's best friend and interior designer.


In the match-3 game, kids need to match three mats to clear them. Children are required to complete the game's designated goals with a limited number of moves. Children have five hit points. One hit point disappears each time the kids don't complete a goal within the allowed number of moves. Also, kids earn stars when they complete the puzzles. It can be used to complete quests in the in-game journal. These tasks help children advance the story and learn more about the truth.


Overall, the game is excellent. Children will be relaxed in the game and can play at their own pace. If your kids love to play match-3 games and home decorating games, Matchington Mansion is a free game they'll be interested in because it offers both. The game is simple but very challenging because the children will only have a limited number of moves. If you want to see what a mansion looks like for kids, download it now for them.

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14 March, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

This article will guide you through the ins and outs of designing your own quirky Matchington Mansion from start to finish. In this match-3 game, you'll use a variety of building pieces to progress through the adventure story. You'll unlock new rooms and discover hidden secrets about your potential housemates along the way, as well as spy on them in order to make their decisions more challenging. While designing your wacky mansion might seem easy enough at first glance, our comprehensive guide will walk you through the major design choices that need making in order to craft a home worthy of such interiors with style!


When you first start the game, you'll be greeted by a unique character that will become your future housemate. Match with them enough time to initiate the design tutorial and follow their advice. There are two types of pieces in this game: Board Pieces and Wall Pieces. The board pieces can be slotted into any square on the board, while wall pieces only fit in even or odd spots along a wall's edges. To unlock more room designs, you'll need to complete individual room challenges, which we'll get into in a bit. Certain rooms will unlock additional floors above them.


Once you have enough board and wall pieces, you can start to create your unique design. You'll notice that the bottom-right room only has a few wall pieces at first glance, but if you place them correctly, they will connect and cover all four wall spaces. You can even stack up the floors on each row to achieve the same effect. It's important to remember that you can switch around the pieces at any time. If you want to move something, just tap on it and drag it wherever you'd like. Most rooms will have very small variations that can change the look completely. So, let’s start!!!

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16 March, 2022


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